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Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Pizza dough, sauce, and cheese
Consumed by Puffles, Penguins, and Polar Bears

Pizza is a type of food that penguins commonly eat in Club Penguin. These and candy pizzas are created using Gary the Gadget Guy's invention, the Pizzatron 3000, which is found in the Pizza Parlor. Since April 2010, pizza has also been grown on Pizza Plants in the Community Garden at the Mine Shack. The main place to get pizza is the Pizza Parlor.

If you put on the Chef Hat (with or without the Pizza Apron) and dance, you can flip pizza dough in the air. The same animation is used while dancing with the Stone Chef Hat and Caveguin Pizza Apron.

Normal Pizza

  • Cheese pizza
  • Spicy cheese pizza
  • Seaweed pizza
  • Squid pizza
  • Fish pizza
  • Shrimp pizza
  • Flamethrower fish pizza
  • Fish dish
  • Seaweed fish pizza
  • Supreme pizza
  • Seafood pizza
  • Double grey fish meat pizza
  • Vegetarian pizza

Dessert pizza (candy & chocolate)




Types of Pizza


Slices of Pizza

Boxes of pizza

Pizza booths



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