Pizzatron 3000
Pizzatron 3000 logo
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Pizza Parlor
Date released February 26, 2007[1]
Date closed March 30, 2017

Pizzatron 3000 was one of Gary's inventions and a game that was located in the Pizza Parlor. It was used by penguins to create pizza. It was created by Club Penguin's inventor and scientist, Gary the Gadget Guy, and released on February 26, 2007.[1] An alternative level of this game was hidden at the start of the game and was called Candytron 3000, substituting pizza ingredients with candy. To start Candytron, you must go to the start of the game and you will see a switch, click on it and it will turn into the candy picture, enter the game, and there is Candytron!

When playing, the player must look at a sign on which the current order is displayed. Then, they must make the correct type of pizza. The correct type of pizza must exactly match the type of sauce and number of toppings shown on the sign. Every correct pizza was worth five coins. If the player made a mistake, the incorrectly made pizza would not sell, but they would have a chance to remake that pizza. If you incorrectly made a pizza, no coins were subtracted from your score. After making five correct pizzas in a row, a bonus tip was given.

Tips start at ten coins per pizza and increase by five additional coins for every five correct pizzas in a row. If the player made five mistakes or forty pizzas in total the game was over, and the coins were given to the player. After the Puffle Party 2013, the Pizza Parlor hot sauce was stolen due to Operation: Hot Sauce. The machine was out of order from April 5th to April 18th, 2013.



Name Description
Food Fiasco stampMake a mess of the kitchen with 3 wrong pizzas.
Just Dessert stampPlay Pizzatron in candy mode.


Name Description
Chef Hat stampMake 20 pizzas without any mistakes.
Spice Sea stampMake 3 hot sauce and shrimp pizzas to order.
Cocoa Beans stampMake 3 jellybean and chocolate pizzas to order.


Name Description
Fiery Squids stampMake 3 hot sauce and squid pizzas to order.
Candy Land StampMake 3 pink sauce and marshmallow pizzas to order.
Pizza Chef stampMake 30 pizzas without any mistakes.


Name Description
Pizza Master stampMake 40 pizzas without any mistakes.
Dessert Chef stampMake 40 candy pizzas without any mistakes.

Candytron 3000

Main article: Candytron 3000

To go to the secret level, you will have to click on the lever at the left side of the Pizzatron 3000 on the starting screen. Then, click Start. It will not show as Candytron 3000 on the starting page or the instructions page. This game yields more coins than Pizzatron 3000. The Candytron 3000 has a few stamps to give out, such as Cocoa Beans and Dessert Chef.


Pizzatron 3000

Candytron 3000


  • When trying to find a buddy who was playing Pizzatron 3000, it would show as "name is making pizzas".
  • The more pizzas you make in a row without making a mistake, the faster the conveyor belt goes.
  • The music that played during the minigame was a remix called "Extra Anchovies" in the Igloo Music list.
  • The highest amount of coins possible, without making any mistakes, was 1085 coins; in Candytron 3000, the maximum amount was 1285 coins.
  • The Pizzatron 3000 sent recipes in an order of easy, then more complex, then even more, and so on. The Candytron 3000 does not send the recipes in an order from easy to hard, as it sends them randomly.
  • There were 10 stamps for this game. The stamps were released on April 25, 2011, along with a new title screen.
  • There was a glitch that if you were trying to find a friend while they were playing Pizzatron, a small blue sign would pop up and would say **pizza_find**. This glitch was never fixed.
  • In the app version, Sensei, Rockhopper, or Gary could be seen at the order line.
  • Also in the app version, the amount of pizzas you could make could go beyond forty, unlike the online version. You could also sometimes make your own pizza and earn bonus coins for each topping you put on.





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