Pizzatron 3000

The Pizzatron 3000 game.
Players 1
Controls  ?
Minigame location Pizza Parlor
Date released February 26, 2007
Pizzatron 3000 is a minigame that is played in the Pizza Parlor. It was created by Club Penguin's inventor and scientist, Gary the Gadget Guy and released on February 26, 2007. An alternative level of this game is hidden at the start of the game and is called Candytron 3000, substituting pizza ingredients with candy.

When playing, the player must look at a sign on which the current order is displayed. Then, he/she must make the correct type of pizza. The correct type of pizza must exactly match the type of sauce and number of toppings shown on the sign. Every correct pizza is worth five coins. If the player makes a mistake, the incorrectly made pizza will not sell, but he or she will have a chance to remake that pizza. If you incorrectly make a pizza, no coins are subtracted from your score. After making five correct pizzas in a row, a bonus tip is given. Tips start at ten coins per pizza and increase by five additional coins for every five correct pizzas in a row. If the player makes five mistakes or forty pizzas in total (including incorrect pizzas), the game is over, and the coins are given to the player.

Candytron 3000

See main article, Candytron 3000.

To go to the secret level, you will have to click on the lever at the right side of the Pizzatron 3000 on the starting screen. Then, click Start. It will not show as Candytron 3000 on the starting page or the instructions page.

This game yields more coins than Pizzatron 3000.



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