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This portal is about Catalogs

There are many catalogs in Club Penguin that are located all around the Club Penguin Island. Some of them sell clothing items, while others sell furniture, or both.


The main clothing catalog is the Penguin Style, found at the Clothes Shop. It is updated monthly, and sells colors, clothing items, backgrounds, and flags. While most of the clothing items here can only be bought by members, non-members can still buy flags, backgrounds and colors but, since January 2013, in every catalog there is one page where non-members can buy clothing items.

The Costume Trunk is the catalog at the Mall. It sells a variety of costumes. The catalog used to be available at the Stage and was updated whenever a new play was out. This occurred until it became a permanent catalog selling costumes suitable for all of the regular plays.

The Music Catalog is found at the Lighthouse, and sells musical instruments. It is also featured during Music Jams at the Back Stage.

The Snow and Sports catalog was originally in the Sport Shop, but was moved to the Stadium in 2010. It sells sports equipment- mostly clothing- but also sells backgrounds and furniture. It is also now available at the Skatepark.


Main article: Game Upgrades

Several catalogs- the Game Upgrades- are located in several rooms, and sell unique items, that can be worn while playing games.

Party Catalogs

Some catalogs are only available during parties and other events. They will not necessarily return, but they might return for events that have been taking place several times, such as the Prize Booth during The Fair.



Former Catalogs

The following catalogs have been removed, and are no longer available: