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This portal is about Club Penguin History

Before Club Penguin was launched on October 24, 2005, there were several earlier versions, on which the game was based, and tested some of the features.

On July 30, 2000, RocketSnail Games launched the game Experimental Penguins. This game only included 4 rooms, and the players could waddle around, to switch rooms and to chat. The game was removed within a year, due to the server's maintenance cost.

The succeeding version, Penguin Chat, was launched in 2003. It was very similar to Experimental Penguins, however, penguins could sit, throw snowballs, use emoticons, and more.

The latest version, Penguin Chat 3, was launched on March 31, 2005, and began to form the look of nowadays Club Penguin. On this game, a community igloo, in which the Penguin Band first appeared, playing the song I've Been Delayed by Tas1000. This was the first time penguins could choose colors, and had music. It was removed on October 28, 2005, after the release of Club Penguin.