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This portal is about Music

Music is played in many rooms in Club Penguin, such as the Coffee Shop and the Dance Club. It is possible to mute music in the "Tools" menu. Club Penguin Music can also be found on their official Soundcloud.


All mini-games contain embedded music in them.


Music is played in many different rooms (Dojo, EPF Command Room, Coffee Shop, Dance Club, Boiler Room, Clothes Shop, Pizza Parlor and more). After the Puffle Party 2013 many rooms like the Dock, Beach, Town, Plaza, and Ski Village were given quiet sound effects to match their settings.



Main article: Music/Party

Music is also played during parties and other events. Usually, there is a main theme of music, and in some rooms, a different song is played. Party music was first added during the Winter Luau of 2006.

During the Music Jam parties, there are several devices that can play music: the Floor Piano 3000 at the Cave can be played by walking on its keys. A special switch enables/disables playing notes while other penguins walk on keys; The Icicle Lights at the Mine are a memory game, on which four keys light up and play music in a particular order. The objective is to remember this order, and then to play it. After every time, one note is added; The Music Maker 3000 is a special room that has four large platforms on the floor. Above each one of them, there is a different instrument: (from left to right) Green Drums, Red Electric Guitar, a pair of Maracas, and the Blue Electric Bass. By stepping on a platform, the connected instrument will start playing.


Members can add music to their igloos. The music selection is usually updated before events, and old music creations that were removed before will commonly return. It was also possible to customize the igloo music by creating a playlist in the game DJ3K that can be later played in the igloo. Currently you can use SoundStudio to create your own music to play in your igloo.