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The postcard menu since the Penguin Mail update in July 2008

Postcards were cards in Club Penguin that could be sent to other players for 10 coins each from the Postcard Catalog. Messages on sendable postcards were usually greetings (such as "Welcome!" or "Happy holidays!"), compliments (such as "Cool outfit!" or "I like your igloo!"), or invitations (such as "Meet me at [room]!" or "Play [game] with me!"). Invitations usually had a "Go There!" button that would transport the player to a specific room when clicked.

Some postcards were received automatically during certain events, such as the 3rd Year Anniversary Party Invite postcard, by completing certain tasks, such as the Card-Jitsu White Belt postcard, as reminders, such as the Hungry Puffle postcard, or by winning contests, such as the Igloo Contest Winner postcard. There were also paychecks which could be received monthly if the player was a Tour Guide or secret agent. A few postcards contained items that could be obtained.

Originally, postcards could only be received by online players, and were not saved after their recipient viewed them. In July 2008, the Penguin Mail update was released, allowing for offline players to receive postcards as well. Postcards were since kept in a mailbox, and had to be manually deleted. After a player had 50 postcards, they would not be able to receive any more from other players until some were deleted, although automatic postcards (such as paychecks) were still received.


  • Postcards were introduced on May 19, 2006.[1] At this time, a postcard could only be sent to a player through their Player Card, and players could only receive postcards when online. When a postcard was received, a smile button appeared in the top-left corner of the screen, next to the newspaper icon. Clicking it would display the received postcard. Closing it would cause the postcard to disappear.
  • On July 14, 2008, the Penguin Mail feature was released following the Club Penguin Improvement Project. With this update, postcards could be received even if the player was offline, and received postcards were kept in the player's mailbox,[2] accessible through an envelope icon, in place of the previous smiling face icon. Rather than being deleted when the player closed the postcard, postcards now had to be manually deleted, either one at a time with a "trash" button, or all from postcards received from a specific player at once with the "remove" button. A reply button was introduced to quickly send a postcard back to someone who sent one, providing the other player was on the sending player's buddy list. Most of the existing old postcards were either removed or redesigned with updated artwork.
  • On April 20, 2010, shortly before the Earth Day 2010 party, the "trash" button to delete postcards was renamed "recycle" but remained functionally the same.

List of postcards[]

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