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Pre-tied Bow Tie
Pre-tied Bow Tie icon
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Available Yes
Type Body extras Item
Cost to make item 25 coins
ID 266
Internal name pretiedBowTie

The Pre-tied Bow Tie is a type of body extras item in Club Penguin Island. All players can obtain the blueprint used to make it by reaching level 19, as part of the Formal Dance Pack. Members can make this item for 25 coins each.


Obtained by Available from Available until
Reach level 19 June 19, 2017 Still available


  • Its description is "Somewhere, far away, a penguin knows how to tie these".
  • On November 1, 2017, the cost to make this item was changed from 30 to 25 coins.


Names in other languages

PortugueseGravata-borboleta ProntaEm algum lugar distante, um pinguim sabe como amarrar isso
FrenchNœud papillon prêtQuelque part, dans une contrée lointaine, un pingouin sait comment faire ces nœuds...
SpanishMoño pre-anudadoEn algún lugar, muy lejos, un pingüino sabe cómo atar esto
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