Prehistoric Party 2013
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Members only? No
When January 17–31, 2013
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Snow Forts, Time Trekker 3000, and Mesozoic era
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy

The Prehistoric Party 2013 was a party which started on January 17 and ended on January 31, 2013. It was confirmed by Spike Hike on Twitter. Due to players donating more than 10 billion coins during the Holiday Party 2012, Spike Hike posted on Twitter a sneak peek of the Plaza during the Mesozoic Era of the party. Penguins were able to time travel using the Time Trekker, and members were able to transform into Dinosaurs.

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
Clothing Icons 4779 T Rex Hoodie Finding all the eggs in Dino Dig No
Clothing Icons 9181 Gary's Prehistoric Giveaway Meeting Gary No
Lava Flow icon Lava Flow Map Yes
Waterfall (furniture) Waterfall Map Yes
Volcano (furniture) Volcano Map Yes
Ancient Tree Ancient Tree Map Yes
Age Of Dinosaurs Location icon Age Of Dinosaurs Map Yes


  • This was the first party to not be an expedition in January, since 2009.
  • Gary's removed mascot scripts indicated that it was originally supposed to take place in the past and future, at the time it was called the Future Fest.
  • Judging by Gary's mascot script, penguins traveled to the Senonian epoch of the Late Cretaceous, around 72.1 million years ago. Despite this, both Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops are from the much later Maastrichtian epoch of the Late Cretaceous, about 66 million years ago.
  • This was the first time that the Toolbar, Moderator Badge, and map icon were changed.
  • It was a nominee for the Best Party of 2013 in The Spoiler Alert.

Glitches and Bugs

  • It played different music than expected when you logged in on certain occasions.
  • Like the Holiday Party 2012, when the player transformed into a Dinosaur, sometimes the player became Old Blue.
  • Sometimes when you traveled back to the present and right back to the prehistoric time, you would seem to have more coins than you had before. However, if you tried to buy something, it would say that you did not have enough coins. It would then show a never-ending loading screen, and the only solution was to log off and back on to fix it.
    What da

    An example of the coins glitch

  • At the beginning of the party, A Humbug Holiday was being played at The Stage and had a The Penguins That Time Forgot music and The Penguins That Time Forgot Catalog. That glitch was fixed.
  • Similar to the Halloween Party 2012, if you danced or performed a special dance while transformed into a Dinosaur, your penguin's sprite would appear dancing over the dinosaur's sprite.
  • Sometimes when you logged in at the prehistoric time, the EPF Phone would be above the map.
  • If you went to 2013, opened your EPF Phone and then your map to go back to dinosaur times, your phone would be above the map.
  • On January 19, if you tried to claim the Waterfall, a message would appear saying it was unavailable, even though it should have been available. This glitch was fixed the next day.
  • If you clicked your Player Card as a Pteranodon and then clicked a place on the wall while you transformed back into a penguin on ground, your penguin would waddle onto the wall.
  • If you put on the Tour Guide Hat and held up the sign, then became a dinosaur, the dinosaur would be "holding" the penguin and you could carry it anywhere, as prey.
  • Sometimes when using another browser, the eggs you collected in the previous browser would be gone.
  • If you were friends with Gary the Gadget Guy and he was on your friend list, it would say "offline" for the whole party. This glitch was happening to all mascots since the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit with Rockhopper.


Sneak Peeks

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Party Tour Guide Description

Room Tour Guide
Snow Forts Here we have the Snow Forts. As you can see, there's a time machine here that Gary is using to travel to the past. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!
Time Trekker Welcome to the Time Trekker! When traveling through time please note keep all flippers in the vehicle at all time please remain seated until time anomaly is finished.
Tree Place GRUB GRUB! This be Tree Place. It are named for so many trees. Watch where step. Dinos get mad when smoosh eggs.
Stony Town Here be Stony Town. It nice place. Good spot to rest bottom. Dinos not come by so much. OH! Look! Fire! Is new invention!
Yum Yum YUM YUM! that restaurant name YUM YUM. Here am many good things to eat, like ptero pizza, t rex burgers and tricera salad. Salad am favorite. It made of meat.
Big Water Place This be Big Water Place. It are nice place to tour. Hardly anyone gets eaten here. Please watch out for lava though. It not taste good, trust me.
Dino Nests SHHHHH! This be Dino Nest place. Many Dinos make nests here. Nice place to raise family maybe? Look for sparkly shells in sand. Me love sparklies.
Yuck Swamp YUCK! No, me not get dirty that name of place. YUCK! Swamp is nice place to swim but watch out for swampy dinos. They eat you, even if you yucky.
Tricera Town YIKES! This be Tricera Town! Many pointy head Dinos here, they like to SMASH and crush. Of course they no crush tour guides, is rude.
Hunting Spot Ahh, this be Hunting Spot. Good place to catch dinner. Watch out though, also good place to be caught for dinner!
Ptero Town HEADS UP! This Ptero Town. It filled with flying dinos. Me no like flying dinos, much worse than pigeons.
Scary Ice This is Scary Ice. This big fish very mad, he no like being frozen. Please no tap on ice, it make angry fish beast madder.

Dino Chat

Dino Chat

Party Jokes

Question Answer
What did the t-rex get after falling down? A dino-sore!
What do you call a blind dinosaur? A doyouthinkhesaurus?
What do you call a dinosaur that never gives up? A try try ceratop!
What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? A dinosnore!
What does a triceratops sit on? It's tricera bottom!
What's the best way to talk to a t-rex? From a distance!
What makes more noise than a t-rex? Two t-rexes!

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Viagem Pre-Histórica Prehistoric Trip
Spanish Viaje a la Prehistoria Trip to Prehistory
French Fête Préhistorique Prehistoric Party
Deustch Urzeit Party Primeval Party

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