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Prehistoric Party 2014

Members only? No
When January 23 – February 6, 2014
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy

The Prehistoric Party 2014 was a party in Club Penguin that began on January 23 and ended on February 6, 2014. It was first confirmed by a tweet from Polo Field.[1] Players were able to go back in time for the 2nd time to the prehistoric times by using Gary's Time Trekker 3000. During the party, Gary travelled back in time to help Garugg the Ugg Ugg save the Dinosaur Puffles. Members were able to adopt and take care of them.

Free items

Image Item Location Date released Members only?
Clothing Photos 9181.png Gary's Prehistoric Giveaway Meeting Gary January 23, 2014 No
PrimalHelmet.png Primal Helmet Obtain all the Triceratops eggs in Dino Dig No
DinoClaws.png Dino Claws Obtain all the Raptor eggs in Dino Dig No
StoneHatchet.png Stone Hatchet Obtain all the Stegosaurus eggs in Dino Dig No
PrehistoricHardHat.png Rock Hard Hat Obtain all the Pteranodon eggs in Dino Dig No
PrimalBracers.png Primal Bracers Obtain all the T-Rex eggs in Dino Dig No
Blue-puffle-egg.png Blue Triceratops Puffle Egg Obtain it in Dino Dig Yes
PrehistoricSlingShot.png Prehistoric Sling Shot Obtaining a Blue Triceratops Puffle Egg in Dino Dig No
Black-puffle-egg.png Black and Red T-rex Puffle Egg Obtain it in Dino Dig January 25, 2014 Yes
Some Prehistoric Shield.png Dino-leather Shield Obtaining a Black and Red T-rex Puffle Egg in Dino Dig No
Pink-puffle-egg2.png Pink Stegosaurus Puffle Egg Obtain it in Dino Dig January 27, 2014 Yes
DinoHorns.png Dino Horns Obtaining a Pink Stegosaurus Puffle Egg in Dino Dig No
Red-puffle-egg.png Red Triceratops Puffle Egg Obtain it in Dino Dig January 29, 2014 Yes
PrehistoricKite.png Prehistoric Kite Obtaining a Red Triceratops Puffle Egg in Dino Dig No
Purple-puffle-egg.png Purple T-rex Puffle Egg Obtain it in Dino Dig January 31, 2014 Yes
StoneHairdryer.png Stone Hair Dryer Obtaining a Purple T-rex Puffle Egg in Dino Dig No
Yellow-puffle-egg.png Yellow Stegosaurus Puffle Egg Obtain it in Dino Dig February 2, 2014 Yes
PrehistoricBetaHat.png Prehistoric Beta Hat Obtaining a Yellow Stegosaurus Puffle Egg in Dino Dig No


A message in the Snow Forts was found by Gary. It was asking for help from him by name. Gary believes that it came from his ancestor, Garugg the Ugg Ugg.

Later in time, players learn that Garugg the Ugg Ugg needs help saving the Dinosaur Puffles. Penguins rush to save the Dinosaur Puffles before it is too late, and they have to return to the present.


  • It is the second Prehistoric Party to occur in Club Penguin.
  • Members are able to adopt 6 Dinosaur Puffles which are the following:
    1. Blue Triceratops (day 1)
    2. Black T-rex (day 2)
    3. Pink Stegosaurus (day 3)
    4. Red Triceratops (day 4)
    5. Purple T-rex (day 5)
    6. Yellow Stegosaurus (day 6)[2]
  • This was also the 1st year with Dinosaur Puffles that could dig Puffle Digging
  • This is the fourth time the Time Trekker 3000 is used, the first being on the telescope in the Haunted Mansion at the Halloween Party 2012. The second being at the Prehistoric Party 2013, the third being in the #WaddleOn episode with Gary.
  • The Dinosaur Puffles marked the first time that there have been Puffles only available for a limited time, which means they may never return again.
  • In The Spoiler Alert, it was confirmed the transformations from last year's party will be returning.
  • The Raptor and the Stegosaurus were confirmed to be new dinosaurs for the party on both the membership page and episode 8 of The Spoiler Alert.
  • It is the first party to have a different loading screen temporarily during a party. The temporary loading screen takes slightly longer than the normal loading screen.
  • Unlike last year, dinosaurs can't puke. Instead, they throw snowballs.
    • This was likely because it was found too disgusting.
  • In honor of the Dinosaur Puffles' discovery, Club Penguin released new merchandise in the Zazzle website.
  • During the party, the pizza emote was replaced with a square pizza emote.
  • After the Prehistoric era, it is thought that there was an ice-age which may have caused prehistoric animals such as Dinosaur Puffles and Giant Sabertooth Fish to go extinct, because a Giant Sabertooth Fish and a Sabertooth Squid was seen in the Ice Cave.


  • During the start of the party, it will say that you have to activate your account, even though your account is already activated. [Fixed]
  • There was a glitch where you cannot travel to prehistoric times [Fixed]
  • There was a glitch where you cannot play the Dino Dig game in the digloos.
  • There was a glitch where you cannot get Dinosaur Puffles even if you're a member.
  • There was a glitch where the prizes from when you collect a Dino Puffle Egg appear to be available, though you can't collect them.
  • During the start of the party, a notification saying that your Puffles are hungry even though they aren't. But when you head to your Igloo, your puffles are all gone or have vanished.
  • If you have Puffle Beds in your Igloo your puffles will be teleporting in and out of the bed.
  • There was a glitch where your Dinosaur Puffle Egg would not crack, yet hatch anyways.
  • There was a glitch where you lost connection when trying to change your Igloo.
  • There was a glitch where the EPF Phone does not appear in the 2014 Club Penguin.
  • There was a glitch where your Dinosaur Puffle will transform into a Rainbow Puffle.
  • There is a glitch where you transform into a dinosaur with a puffle and transform back into a penguin your puffle will be small.
  • There is a glitch where you walk up to the Dino Dig game and it does not allow you to play.
  • There is a glitch where your Dinosaur Puffle can't be seen in-game.
  • There is a glitch that occurs when a Dinosaur Puffle digs for treasure, the game will freeze and you will not be able to move. How do you disable this glitch? Go to your igloo.

    An Example of the glitch

  • While walking a Dinosaur Puffle and a Dinosaur Puffle Egg, both Puffles will do the hatching animation when the egg hatches.
  • There is a glitch where non-members can transform into certain dinosaurs.
  • When the party ended on the iPad app if you look at the January Edition of the Penguin Style, that means that you can still buy Holiday Party 2013 items. [Fixed]
  • If you put on an item with special dance and turn into a dinosaur your penguin will be doing the dance where your penguin should be, yet you were still able to move.


Sneak Peeks

The Spoiler Alert


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Types of Dinosaurs









Party Tour Guide Descriptions


Room Tour Guide
Snow Forts This is the Snow Forts. Home to the Club Penguin clock and usually snowball fights. The Time Trekker is here now. Gary the Gadget Guy is getting ready to take us all back to caveguin time!


Room Tour Guide
Snow Forts Here we have the Snow Forts. As you can see, there's a time machine here that we can use to travel to the past. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!
Time Trekker Welcome to the Time Trekker. When traveling through time please note keep all flippers inside the vehicle at all times please remain seated until the time warp is done.
Tree Place Grub Grub. This be Tree Place. It named for so many trees. Watch where step. Don't smooch words. Garugg work hard on them.
Stony Town Here be Stony Town. It nice place. Good spot to get eats. New salon make pretty. Bring puffle for splashing.
Big Water Place This be Big Water Place. It nice place to tour. Some get eaten here. watch out for lava. It not taste good. Trust me. Slide very fun. We UGG.
Prehistoric Salon Here new salon. Well it new to us. Old to modern Club Penguin. Time Travel weird. Get unibrown done at chairs. Grab new clothes. Make pretty.
Tricera Town Yikes. This be Tricera Town. Many points head dinos here. like to smash and crush. Of course they no crush tour guides. Is rude.
Yum Yum Yum Yum. Restaurant name Yum Yum. Here many good things to eat like. Pterano tacos and Tricera salad. Bang drums, make music.
Fancy Plaza Welcome to Fancy Plaza. This classy place Rocky's Pizza. There bring pizza to eat at cars. Not for driving. We still working on that.
Rocky's Pizza This Rocky's Pizza. Order fern and feta pizza. Comes in three sizes. Large huge and dino! Play the xylobones on stage. Nice music while eating!
Yuck Swamp Yuck. No me not get dirty. That name place Yuck Swamp. Is nice place to swim. Mud good for skin. Me no want dino skin.
Volcano Entrance Careful here. Lava come up and go down. Walk to rock when lava low. Lava hotter than hot sauce. Bad for stomach.
Volcano (Prehistoric) We inside Volcano! Garugg the Ugg Ugg make this. You want hatch puffle eggs? Walk on red rocks. Puffle egg gets warm.
Hunting Spot Ahh, this be Hunting Spot, good place to catch dinner. Dinos come too. We throw meat to dinos. Drink from waterfall. It good water.
Ptero Town HEADS UP! This Pterano Town. It filled with flying dinos. You watch flying dinos perform. Clap loud for dinos. Then they not eat us!
Scary Ice (Before the Megalodon escaped) This is Scary Ice. This big fish very mad, he no like being frozen. Please, no tap on ice. It already getting too weak from volcano!
Scary Ice (After the Megalodon escaped) This is Scary Ice. This big fish...WHERE GO BIG FISH? THIS VERY BAD! BIG FISH VEEEERY ANGRY!


Question Answer
Where do dinosaurs like to go on vacation? To the dino-shore!
How do you know if there's a dinosaur under your bed? Your nose hits the ceiling!
What's the new caveguin dance craze? The ooga booga boogie
What dinosaur can jump higher than an igloo? All of them, igloos can’t jump!
What do you call a wandering caveguin? A meanderthal!
What happened when the T-Rex took the train home? He had to bring it back!
What's a caveguin's favorite meal? A club sandwich!
What do you call a plated dinosaur when he is asleep? Stego-snore-us!
What do you get when two dinosaurs collide? Tyrannosaurus wrecks!



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Viagem Pre-Histórica Prehistoric Trip
French Fête Préhistorique Prehistoric Party
Spanish Viaje a la Prehistoria Trip to Prehistory
German Urzeit Party Primeval Party
Russian N/A N/A