Prototype Sled
Prototype Sled isolated
Invented by Gary the Gadget Guy
Damaged by Self Destruction
Located Sport Shop in PSA Mission 2

The Prototype Sled is a special sled invented by Gary the Gadget Guy. It is made of random parts from around the Club Penguin Island. A pot was used as the steering wheel, and a hamster wheel from the Pet Shop, etc.

The Prototype Sled was first used in the PSA Secret Mission #2, and introduced the problem into the story. Secret Agents were to test the sled and then report to G to explain the results. During the test run, the sled falls apart and you crash in The Wilderness, home to wild puffles. You then were to use the Survival Guide to survive. When you were rescued, you would report to G and tell him the sled fell apart. The sled was rebuilt and was put on display in the Gadget Room. It has not been used since.


As seen in the Gadget Room all fixed.

Wood Block

The logs at the end of the course.



  • It is made of different objects that can be found in the island, however, some cannot be found in it.
  • If you go to miniGame.swf you can play the sled game from Mission 2.
  • The steering wheel is the pot you use to get water in Mission 2.
  • It is impossible to get through the Test Run course with the Prototype Sled without any damage. If you got through all the rocks, stumps, and signs there will be wood blocking the path so you have to go into the wilderness.


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