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Puffer Fish
Aqua Grabber pufferfish big
Scientific name Tetraodontidae
Similar creatures Fish
Appeared Aqua Grabber
Predators Unknown
Prey Unknown

Puffer fish are a species of fish living around the island's seas. They appear in various mini-games in Club Penguin.

In games[]

Puffer fish primarily appear in the Soda Seas level of Aqua Grabber. In the bottom area of the level, there are a few puffer fish in a cavern. Initially they are small, but when the player approaches, they inflate and become much larger. A giant puffer fish appears in a nearby cavern, above the amethyst. It inflates as well, but takes much more time to do so. While inflating or deflating, it inhales or exhales with great force, either pulling or pushing the player. After the amethyst is grabbed, two regular puffer fish circle around the giant one.

In the Herbert's Revenge mini-game Aqua Rescue!, puffer fish appear as obstacles. They inflate and deflate every few seconds.


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