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Puffle Ball
Puffle Ball clothing icon ID 604
Available No
Member furniture Yes
Category Pet
Cost 150 coins
Furniture ID 604
Unlockable No

The Puffle Ball is a rare room furniture item in Club Penguin. It costs 150 coins in the Pet Furniture: Love Your Pet, and only members could buy it.


Catalog Available from Available until
Pet Furniture: Love Your Pet February 12, 2010 March 8, 2011

Puffle Interaction[]

  1. The puffle jumps on top of the ball.
  2. It jumps again, the lid opens, and it falls into the ball. The lid is thein sealed again.
  3. The puffle starts rolling around in circles.
  4. The puffle jumps with the ball; then pops out of it.



Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Pufflebola;
French La Balle pour Puffles
Spanish Pelota para puffles
German Puffle-Ball
Russian Мяч для пафла