Puffle Bowling
Puffle Bowling Game.png
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Beta Team website, not in Club Penguin
Date released Unreleased

Puffle Bowling was a game featured in the Beta Team website of Club Penguin. It featured a Blue Puffle that is thrown into an icy bowling area and has the objective of dodging obstacles.


  • The game was released on October 29, 2011, along with the games Goalie and Icebergs.[1]
  • The game is now unavailable due to the Beta Team site shutting down in February 2013.


The game was played using the mouse only. Moving was achieved by moving the mouse to the left and right and jumping was achieved by pressing the left mouse button. If the player drifts off the edge of the path, or falls into a hole in the ground, the level would end.

Near the end of the level, all obstacles are completely removed (except for the edges of the route) and the puffle slows down. At the very end are 10 bowling pins. Touching a pin pushes it aside, but pushed pins cannot push other pins that they hit. After passing the area of the pins, the puffle will keep rolling forever, without any completion screen.


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