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Puffle Bubble

A pack of Puffle Bubble

Puffle Bubble (more commonly known as Bubble Gum in real life) is special bubble gum made for Puffles. Along with Puffle-O's and cookies, they are a food you can use to feed your puffle. Before, it cost five coins to feed one piece of bubble gum. Each variety of Puffle has its own way to eat Puffle Bubble. This is the only kind of bubble gum found in Club Penguin. It was only available as a 10-piece pack at the Pet Shop.

Puffle Reactions[]

Green Puffle[]

  • The Green Puffle blows and it suddenly turns into a bubble-gum balloon poodle.

Black Puffle[]

  • The Black Puffle blows really hard and then it pops, covering the puffle with gum. The puffle then shakes it off.

Purple Puffle[]

  • The Purple Puffle blows and then the bubble disconnects and floats around with another bubble inside. It then pops.

White Puffle[]

  • The White Puffle blows and then the bubble freezes then breaks.

Blue Puffle[]

  • The Blue Puffle chews it for a few seconds then smiles, revealing bubble gum-covered teeth.

Red Puffle[]

  • The Red Puffle blows it then sucks back in the air. The puffle then deflates while flying around the igloo.

Pink Puffle[]

  • The Pink Puffle blows the gum into a bubble, but, while holding on, the pink puffle floats in the air until it pops.

Yellow Puffle[]

  • The Yellow Puffle blows it into a bubble then draws a smiley face onto it.

Orange Puffle[]

  • The Orange Puffle blows it into a bubble. The bubble then slips back into its mouth, causing it to float until it pops.

Brown Puffle[]

  • The Brown Puffle wipes the gum off its face with windshield wipers built into its goggles.

Rainbow Puffle[]

  • The Rainbow Puffle chews rainbow-colored gum. It blows a bubble, but then the bubble explodes on its face.

Gold Puffle[]

  • The Gold Puffle chews its gum, blows it extremely big so it can fit in the bubble, and it starts floating away with the gum. Then, the gum pops and the puffle lands.



  • Although a puffle is happy when you feed it bubble gum, do not feed it much, as you are wasting food and not increasing its energy.
  • The Rainbow Puffle chews a special type of rainbow gum.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Mastiguffle
French Chewing-gum
Spanish Chicle
German Kaugummi
Russian ##Bubblegum##

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