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Puffle Chase
Puffle chase.png
Players 1
Controls Down arrow key
Minigame location Wilderness
Date released November 21, 2013

Puffle Chase was a minigame added for Operation: Puffle. The objective was to catch all 5 puffles in the game. Players could bring Gold Puffles to open treasure chests and get special gold items.


  • Down arrow- speed up downhill, but slows down uphill.


The game starts by pressing "down". The penguin ran in a continuous level that included small hills and valleys. There were 5 puffles from the same color in the level (determined by the location from which the player accessed the game). The player had to catch all puffles, however, the puffles were faster than the player. In order to catch them the player has to speed up, by pressing "down" when going downhill, but not uphill, which slows it down. A puffle would escape if it gets too far from the player; then could no longer be caught in that certain gameplay. You could save every type of puffle except for the Rainbow Puffle and Gold puffles. However, you could bring your Gold Puffles into the game to help you find rare golden items.


The game ended once the puffles have been collected. In case that there were no longer puffles in the game zone, which occurred after some puffles had escaped, the player would not receive all 5 puffle chips. After winning 3 Puffles would jump happily, surrounding you for a few seconds. Only one puffle was necessary to obtain the chip and the special EPF items.

Exclusive Rewards

The following items could be obtained by using Gold Puffles:



Post-game Puffle animations