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Master the art of the card with the new Card-Jitsu™ Puffle Deck. Play at home with friends, or go online and experience the game with the power of puffles.
— Tagline

The Puffle Deck is the second set of real-life Card-Jitsu Cards. It and the Club Penguin Trading Card Game comprise the first series of Card-Jitsu cards. This set was released sometime around May 11, 2009, and contains 30 cards.

Cards in this set have a light blue penguin icon in the lower-left corner of each card.

Card packs, boxes, and tins

Puffle Deck

The deck contain 24 regular cards, 6 power cards, and 3 code cards. This is the entirety of the set.

Cards in set

Cards 1-19 are new to this to set, while cards 20-30 are reprints of cards from the previous set.