Box of Puffle O's

Box of Puffle O's, the standard type of puffle food

Puffle Food was a special food that could be eaten by puffles. It was sold in the Puffle Catalog and could be obtained from Puffle Digging, while only food from the catalog was available to all players. The cheapest and most efficient way to feed your Puffle was to not give it anything if the food bar was not at least in half, but give it one apple if the food bar was between half and 1/4 full, and if that bar was 1/4 full or under, then give it two instead of one.



  • Puffle Gum did not help the hunger bar; instead a puffle did a trick when fed it.
  • While many puffles loved cookies, cookies do little good. Instead, you had to feed it apples, carrots, and every now and then Puffle O's.
  • If you were in a hurry, you should try apples. It was cheap and did little effect on other stats.

List of items

Puffle Food ID Cost Food boost Rest boost Play boost Clean boost Members only? Where found...
Box of Puffle O's26200 coins+50-5-5-1NoPuffle Catalog
Pack of Bubble Gum (10 pieces)2450 coins±0-2-2-3NoPuffle Catalog
Bunch of 5 Carrots920 coins+50-5-5±0NoPuffle Catalog
10 Carrots1040 coins+50-5-5±0NoPuffle Catalog
Box of Cookies (20 cookies)25100 coins+15-7-20-1NoPuffle Catalog
Box of Pizza (8 Slices)1140 coins+50-8-10-1NoPuffle Catalog
10 Slices of Pizza1240 coins+50-8-10-1NoPuffle Catalog
3 Boxes of Pizza (24 Slices)13120 coins+50-8-10-1NoPuffle Catalog
10 Apples7640 coins+50-5-5±0NoPuffle Catalog
10 Slices of Cake7480 coins+30-9-20-1NoPuffle Catalog
10 Wedges of Cheese7560 coins+30-5-8-1NoPuffle Catalog
Pretzel105Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Stinky Cheese106Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Watermelon107Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Sock108Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Tacos109Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Hummus and Pita110Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Yogurt Parfait111Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Fish Burger112Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Ice Cream Sandwich113Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Popcorn114Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Rainbow Lollipop115Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
Chocolate Coin128Free+100+100+100+100YesPuffle Digging
10 Dragon Fruits13750 coins+50-5-5±0NoPuffle Catalog
10 Cayenne Peppers13840 coins+20-5-5-1NoPuffle Catalog
10 Pieces of Broccoli13650 coins+50-5-5±0NoPuffle Catalog
10 Pickles13540 coins+30-5-8-1NoPuffle Catalog
10 Cookies430 coins+15-7-20-1NoPuffle Catalog
10 Biscuit Treats15640 coins+20-50-1NoPuffle Catalog
10 Shrimp15440 coins+20-5-5-1NoPuffle Catalog
Gold O'berry12610 coinsN/AN/AN/AN/ANoGold O'berry Machine

Items from the Puffle Snack Station

Puffle Food ID Cost Member Food boost Rest boost Play boost Clean boost
Pepperoni Pizza1215No+30-8-10-1
Deluxe Pizza11710Yes+100±0±0±0
Candy Deluxe Pizza11910Yes+100±0±0±0


  • While Puffle Food was being bought, it was automatically sent to the Puffle inventory.
  • Puffles could dig special foods that would bring all of the requirements for a puffle to be happy.
  • Every puffle had different favorite food, and each puffle also preferred a different variety of puffle food items than other puffles.
  • If a Puffle ate its favorite food, all of its stats instantly went up to max.

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