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Puffle Hotel Dining Room
Halloween Party 2014 Puffle Hotel Dining Room.png

Where Puffle Hotel
Opened October 24, 2014
Closed November 5, 2014
Mini-games None
Room ID 854
Tour Description
Welcome to the Dining Room! It looks like the ghosts were messy. They always do this when they don't like the meal.

The Puffle Hotel Dining Room was a party room in Club Penguin. It was open during the Halloween Party 2014. You has to visit here in order to obtain the electricity device for Gariwald's ghost catching device.

The puzzle in this room consisted of reflecting light across dinner platters. You must have rotated them in order to get the light to reach the puffle statue. After illuminating the statue, the electricity device could be obtained.


  • On the wall there is a painting of the Iceberg tipped over.
    • It can currently be found in the renovated Lodge Attic. However, a UFO can now be seen in the distance.


  • If the dinner platters are rotated fast enough, the puffle statue will be activated, even if the platters are not reflecting light to it.



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