Puffle Hotel Lobby
Puffle Hotel Lobby 2

Where First floor of the Puffle Hotel
Opened March 21, 2013
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games None
Room ID 430
Tour Description
Welcome to the Puffle Hotel! Treat your puffle to food, toys and hats...get pampered at the Puffle Spa... or head upstairs to relax by the pool.

The Puffle Hotel Lobby was the ground floor of the Puffle Hotel, a three floor hotel for puffles, located in the Plaza, beside the Pet Shop. Here in the lobby, puffles could rest on beds, eat at the small food court, and penguins could participate in Puffle Tasks by the rainbow puffle fountain.

On the right side of the lobby, there was a door that led directly into the Pet Shop. On the left side, there was an elevator that could take players to either the gym and spa or roof. There was also a reception desk and coat check.


The Puffle Hotel Lobby opened on March 21, 2013, during the Puffle Party 2013.

On November 20, 2013, part of the lobby was changed. Formerly, the lobby sold puffle supplies through the Puffle Catalog, with food on the left, and Puffle Hats on the right, on stands. These were replaced by areas for increasing puffle's stats, with the left being a mini food court, and the right having multiple beds. The chairs in the lower portion were also replaced with a couch.


Image Pin
Clothing Icons 7211
Blue Crystal Puffle Pin
Golden Hanger Pin icon
Golden Hanger Pin
Candle Pin icon
Candle Pin


  • During the Halloween Party 2014, the lobby, along with the rest of the hotel, were taken over by ghost puffles. Various objects were floating, plants and food were decaying, water was replaced with slime, the rainbow puffle fountain was replaced with a Bat Puffle fountain, and there was a ladder down to the Puffle Hotel Basement, which appeared only during the party. In subsequent years, it was decorated mostly the same, but without the ladder to the basement.


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Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseSaguão do Hotel
FrenchHall d'Hôtel
SpanishLobby del Hotel para puffles
RussianХолл "Пафл-отеля"


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