Puffle Hotel Roof
Puffle Hotel Roof 2

Where Top floor of the Puffle Hotel
Opened March 21, 2013
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games None
Room ID 432
Tour Description
This is the rooftop of the Puffle Hotel. Treat your pet to a delicious snack... go for a dip or relax by the poolside... Members can launch into the Cloud Forest!

The Puffle Hotel Roof was the third floor of the Puffle Hotel, a three floor hotel for puffles, located in the Plaza, beside the Pet Shop. Here at the rooftop, puffles could do a variety of activities such as eat, sleep, or play in the pool, which was the main attraction of the roof.

On the right edge of the rooftop, there was a special cannon that could only be used by members, which allowed players to launch to the Cloud Forest if they completed all Puffle Tasks. On the left side, there was an elevator that could take players to either the gym and spa or lobby. There were many other objects at the rooftop, such as chairs, tables, and booths for eating, sofa-like beds for sleeping, and a DJ table.


The Puffle Hotel Roof opened on March 21, 2013, during the Puffle Party 2013.

On November 20, 2013, the pool and DJ table were given functionality to increase the play and groom stats for puffles, making the roof the only floor of the hotel where all four stats could be increased.


  • During the Halloween Party 2014, the roof, along with the rest of the hotel, were taken over by ghost puffles. Some towels were floating, and water was replaced with slime (although not the water in the pool), and there were tentacles coming out of some light fixtures. In subsequent years, it was decorated mostly the same.



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Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseCobertura do Hotel
FrenchToit de l'Hôtel
SpanishTejado Hotel puffles
RussianКрыша "Пафл-отеля"


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