Puffle Interface
Client Puffle Care Background
Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Interface
Party None
Where? Igloo

The Puffle Interface is a feature on Club Penguin, that was added in March 2011. It replaced the old puffle player cards, and allows penguins to see their Puffle's mood, feed them Puffle Food and play with them. It also allows making Puffles sleep, take them for a walk, and dress them with Puffle Hats. Unlike their domesticated counterparts, Puffle Creatures do not have access to the Puffle Interface. Instead, they only are able to be properly raised while in the Puffle Hotel, cannot wear Puffle Hats, nor be fed the food available from the Puffle Catalog.

Comparison with Puffle Player Cards

AbilityPlayer cardInterface
Puffle food18px-Yes check.svg18px-Yes check.svg
Buying new food18px-X mark.svg18px-Yes check.svg
Walking Puffles18px-Yes check.svg18px-Yes check.svg
Playing with Puffles18px-Yes check.svg18px-Yes check.svg
Rest18px-Yes check.svg18px-Yes check.svg
Clothing inventory18px-X mark.svg18px-Yes check.svg


  • This feature was added in March 2011.
  • On October 4, 2011, an inventory for Puffle Hats was added along with the stat bars.
  • Since July 11, 2013, all the Puffles' stats can reach 100%. When it happens, fireworks and confetti will appear behind the puffle and it would jump.


  • It was the second big Puffle launch of 2011, the first being Brown Puffles.
  • After the new interface was launched there were no stat bars like the previous puffle cards had, however they were added back in October 2011.


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