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Puffle Launch
Puffle Launch
Players 1
Controls Arrows
Minigame location Pet Shop, some igloos
Date released March 15, 2011
Date closed March 30, 2017

Puffle Launch was a game in Club Penguin that was released on March 15th, 2011. The game's focus is launching Puffles in the air through cannons to collect Puffle-Os that had gone "missing". In addition, the player also has to fight Klepto, a crab who has stolen parts of various machines over the island, to continue collecting the Puffle's famed treats. The game is exclusively available to paid members for worlds 2 and 3; though all players can play world 1, whose progress would be reset back to level 1 once the game is exited.



Name Description
Begin Build stamp Collect your first piece.


Name Description
Launch Ready stamp Build a Cannon.
Crab Attack stamp Defeat a crab boss once.
Quick Launch stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete all 36 levels in under 35 minutes.
Turbo Time stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete a level in turbo mode.


Name Description
Epic Cannon stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Build the Epic Cannon.
Crab Crash stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Defeat 3 crab bosses in a single play session.
Crab Battle stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Defeat 6 crab bosses in a single play session.
Supersonic Launch stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete all 36 levels in under 25 minutes.
Turbo Battle stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Defeat the crab in turbo mode.


Name Description
Light Speed Launch stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete all 36 levels in under 18 minutes.
Turbo Master stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete all 36 levels in turbo mode.


  • Green Cannons: They go either left, right, up or down.
  • Blue Cannons: They fire as your puffle has contact with it.
  • Red Cannons: They spin very quickly and shoot far. Timing is a must to using it.
  • Purple Cannons: They can be rotated 360 degrees manually.
  • Checkered Yellow Cannons: They serve the same function as Blue Cannons, but are also mini-checkpoints.
  • Green Balloons: They are powerful and trampoline-like.
  • Purple Balloons: They are weak and filled with Cream Soda.
  • Slow Motion Cannons: They makes the puffle slow (this cannon is only in the Box Dimension).
  • Box Teleporters: They are used only in Box Dimension Levels.
  • Gravity Boxes: They usually point down, tap it with your puffle and it switches up. Gravity reverses and your puffle will fall upwards instead of downwards.
  • Launchers: They require the player to press the down key and use the left and right keys to change aim. They are similar to Catapults or Slingshots.


Several furniture items are obtain by doing certain tasks in the game. They allow entering the game Puffle Launch through an igloo.


  • The first sneak peek for the game was in a parent update email in February 2011.[1]
  • Every color puffle has their own helmet, except the Rainbow and Gold Puffle.
  • You can take any puffle that you own into the game, even without walking them. Puffles released after the brown puffle cannot be brought into the game, as they have yet to be added to the game.
  • Even if you have multiple puffles of the same color, you can pick whichever puffle you want to play.
  • Puffle Launch was playable on the Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices through the Puffle Launch App.
  • There are leftovers of an unused level editor.[2]


  • There is a glitch in level 35, in the section where the puffle would teleport madly in pattern between the boxes. Simply, the second blue cannon you see in the teleport section, miss it, fall back down to the bottom level, and you should fall all the way back to the front, but something strange would happen, and will literally break the fabric of the Box Dimension.

Different modes

To start with you play it in normal mode, but when you get the Epic Cannon (complete all levels 100%), you do Time Trials. If you complete Time Trials in under 18 minutes, you unlock Turbo Mode. If you complete every level in Turbo Mode, you can play levels in Slow Motion.

Time Trials are like normal, but your times are recorded. Turbo Mode makes the game faster than usual. Slow Motion makes the game slower than usual, like the Slow Motion Cannon.



Names in other languages

Language Name
FrenchAéro Puffle
SpanishPuffle al viento
RussianПафл лётчик

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