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Puffle Launch App
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Type Game
Released September 14, 2011[1]
November 11, 2011 (lite)
Latest version 1.3
Supported Devices All iOS and Android devices
For the original desktop version of the game, see Puffle Launch.

The Puffle Launch App was a mobile application by Club Penguin. It was available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It was also available in the Google Play Store for Android devices. The game was developed by Behaviour Interactive,[2] and published by Disney on September 14, 2011. The lite version was released on November 11, 2011.

The app was discontinued on July 2, 2013.

Game Levels[]

Below are the current levels of the game.

Blue Sky[]

Blue Sky is the first set of levels of the game. There are twelve levels you have to complete if you want to complete Blue Sky.

Soda Sunset[]

Soda Sunset is the second set of levels of the game. There are also 12 levels you have to complete. The levels are marked 13-24 on this set of levels.


A combination of 36 bonus levels. It does not include the Turbo or the SLO-MO modes. Some of its levels were seen in a video on the What's New Blog.


Time Trial[]

To unlock time trial, you have to complete all the levels of a set (Blue Sky or Soda Sunset) with all Puffle-Os. There are 3 time trials for each set. Once the trial is unlocked, a higher level of time trial can be unlocked by going through the levels in less time. Once all the time trial levels are unlocked, the Turbo Mode is unlocked as well.

Trial level Blue Sky Soda Sunset
Time Trial unlocked Collect all Puffle O's 15:00
Silver ? 14:00
Gold ? ?
Turbo Mode unlocked 6:00 13:00

Turbo Mode[]

There is also a turbo mode which is unlocked when you have beaten all 3 time trials. It comes with a switch to turn it on/off.


To unlock "SLO-MO", you have to finish all levels in "Turbo Mode" in the set of levels you want to enable it (Blue Sky or Soda Sunset ). There is a special button to turn it on/off while playing the game.
In this mode, the game would be in slow- move, but your puffle will turn left/right in the regular speed.


Level Max coins Mode
1 34 Blue Sky
2 46
3 99
4 90
5 115
6 39
7 84
8 42
9 120
10 123
11 183
12 54
13 59 Soda Sunset
14 75
15 243
16 88
17 284
18 135
19 122
20 172
21 153
22 113
23 203
24 69
25 231 Bonus
26 148
27 115
28 262
29 112
30 123
31 124
32 123
33 131
34 87
35 179
36 131
37 219
38 232
39 135
40 148
41 325
42 102
43 135
44 121
45 153
46 115
47 148
48 283
49 284
50 166
51 118
52 175
53 202
54 161
55 168
56 137
57 159
58 227
59 104
60 170

Coins transferring[]

Each Puffle-O collected in the game is worth 1 coin. Whenever a level is completed, the coins will be transferred to the player's account. If the device is not connected to the internet, the total sum of coins earned will be transferred once the device is connected to the internet.
There is a daily limit of 4,500 coins. Any excess amount will accumulate and will not be transferable that day.


Spike Hike announced the removal of the application on July 6, 2013 in a fan blog comment.[3]

Hey guys, its true that we did remove the Puffle Launch app from the App Store. It was our first attempt at making apps for mobile. It was a really good game on the iPad, but was just too hard on iPhone. We’ve learned a lot since then and are using on an all-new game technology now so at some point we had to stop supporting the old game.

No promises yet but I expect we will be seeing Puffle Launch back on mobile – and new and improved – in the not too distant future. We recently hired the guy who over saw all the hit Where’s My Water games as well the Club Penguin DS and Wii games to head up our mobile push including My Penguin. He and the team are working on some really amazing things that you will get to see VERY SOON – including a reboost of an old Penguin classic game. I’m sorry if some of you are disappointed to see Puffle Launch go away for now, but I promise we have great things in store. So as always…

Waddle on!

Spike Hike, July 6, 2013

Penguins can still play Puffle Launch if they have the app and have not deleted it, but Club Penguin has not specified whether it will stop working or not because it is not supported.

3 years after the closure you can still play the game, however, since the servers are offline, you can not transfer coins to your Club Penguin account anymore.


Version Date Features Size (MB)
Version 1.0.1 September 15, 2011 Club Penguin Puffle Launch App was released 20
Version 1.1 November 17, 2011 12 bonus levels were added, the Lite version was released 25.2
Version 1.2 December 17, 2011 Another 12 bonus levels were added 23.6
Version 1.3 March 8, 2012 Another 12 bonus levels were added, bugs fixed 25.8[4]

Error messages[]

Cause Error message
Internet disconnection You are not connected to the internet. Please check your settings and try again.
Coin limit Oops - The daily coin transfer limit is 4500.
Coin transfer Oops - This penguin is already logged in somewhere else.
Club Penguin unavailable Oops - Club Penguin is currently unavailable. Please try logging in later.

Login issues[]

Error message
Oops - Penguin name or password is incorrect. Please try again.


App page images on iTunes[]

Game interface and menu[]





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