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Puffle Paddle
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Snow Forts (2007-2009)
Forest (2010-2012)
Pirate Park (2014-2015)
Date released Fall Fair 2007
Fall Fair 2008
The Fair 2009
The Fair 2010
The Fair 2011
The Fair 2012
The Fair 2014
The Fair 2015
Not to be confused with the Game Day! version of the game.

Puffle Paddle was one of the Fair games. The main concept was to keep puffles in the air using a table tennis paddle. Puffle Paddle was first seen during the Fall Fair 2007 at the Snow Forts, where it appeared again for the following two Fairs. It was moved to the Forest for the Fairs from 2010 until 2012. In 2014 and 2015, Puffle Paddle was moved to the Pirate Park at the Amazement Park, and sported a different design.


At the start of the game, a puffle falls down from the top of the screen. The player controls a table tennis paddle with the mouse and must try to bounce the puffle upward to keep it from falling to the bottom fo the screen. Keeping the same puffle in the air longer increases the player's score. As the player earns points, more puffles in different colors appear and can be juggled simultaneously to earn more points. The game ends when no puffles remain in play.

The tickets that the player wins at the end of the game are calculated by multiplying the largest number of puffles that were in play at any given time by the number of times the most-bounced puffle was bounced with the paddle. The product is then added to the Total Bounce Points of the game.


  • During the Fall Fair 2008, yellow puffles were added to the game. White was added in 2010, orange and brown were added in 2011, and no further puffles were added to the game afterwards.
  • The puffles fall in the order they were discovered: blue, then pink, then black, then green, then purple, then red (as of 2007), and continued with yellow onward in later years.



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Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Ping Puffle
French Puffle Pong
Spanish Ping-puffle
German Puffle-Tennis
Russian Пафл-теннис

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