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Puffle Party 2013
Puffle Party 2013 Logo.png

Members only? No
When March 21, 2013 - April 5, 2013
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Puffle Handler

The Puffle Party 2013 was the 5th annual Puffle Party in Club Penguin. It began on March 21, 2013, and ended on April 5, 2013. Puffle Handler was the mascot for the party. Rainbow Puffles became up for adoption at the party. The Puffle Hotel was built in order to reach the Cloud Forest, high above Plaza. The Puffle Hotel has 3 floors: the Lobby, the Spa and Gym, and the Roof.

Free items

All of the free items (with the exception of the PH Giveaway) became permanent after the party, as rewards for the permanent Puffle Care Quest.

Image Item Type Location Members only?
Clothing Icons 5220.png Gourmet O'Berries Hand Item Puffle Tasks No
Clothing Icons 4809.png Puffle Groomer Outfit Body Item Yes
Puffle Trainers clothing icon ID 6158.png Puffle Trainers Feet Item Yes
Clothing Icons 3159.png Spa Towel Neck Item Yes
PuffleHotelCap.png Puffle Hotel Cap Head Item Yes
RP In-Game Sighting.png Rainbow Puffle Puffle Cloud Forest Yes
PH's Giveaway clothing icon ID 9193.png PH Giveaway Background Meeting the Puffle Handler No



  • A week before the party started, there was a glitch enabling you to get the Party Puffle stamp even before the party has started. You had to walk your puffle to the room where the party room of that puffle was going to be. For example, walking your Green Puffle to the Beacon would get you the stamp. You would get the stamp, even though the party had not started yet.
  • The Puffle Play Zone was called Lock Down and had music from Operation: Blackout. This glitch was fixed.
  • When you went to the Beacon, all music in Club Penguin cut off. You could not hear any music or sounds. This glitch was fixed.
  • On March 22, 2013, some penguins had to redo some tasks of the Puffle Care Quest because Club Penguin was unable to save the setting that you have already completed it.
  • There was a glitch if you have a brown puffle and you go into the play zone, scroll over the brown puffle and it will be a Rainbow Puffle for a second. This glitch was fixed.
  • There was a glitch where PH's player card would be Aqua instead of being Brown. This glitch wasn't fixed.
  • There was a glitch with PH. If she was on your friend list, she would be offline for all of the party. This glitch has been happening to all mascots since Rockhopper at the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit in 2012.
  • There was a glitch that some penguins can't access Club Penguin during the party. Later this glitch was fixed. The same glitch happened in the Puffle Party 2012.
  • If you went to give a Rainbow Puffle their toy, the cloud, their Puffle Hat would disappear, if they had one.
  • If you went on the running machine with your puffle then teleport your puffle would be frozen until you logged out.
  • On the Map it didn't show Puffle Party Go there ! . This was fixed.
  • When you threw a snowball in the Recycling Plant, it wasn't rubbish, it was just a snowball.
  • After the party ended, if you did the first task in the Puffle Care Quest, it would say that you did all the tasks and you would be able to get all of the rewards. This glitch was fixed the next day.
  • After the party ended, if you did a task half between the task you send your puffle to your igloo it will come up with a never ending 'ding' which has the + sign above your head. This glitch wasn't fixed.
  • There was a glitch that would make your penguin's name invisible until you changed rooms or logged out.
  • If you start walking to the puffle-only zone as a puffle and transform into a penguin right before you enter the room, you can enter the puffle-only zone as a penguin.


Much like the previous Puffle Parties, each color puffle had its own room dedicated to them, or in other words, their domain. The Blue Puffle domain was moved from the Forest to the Dock this year. Their domains are:

Puffle Room What would a snowball turn into if you threw one in the Party Room
Black Cave Multicolor Snowballs
Blue Dock Multicolor Snowballs
Brown Dance Lounge Multicolor Snowballs
Green Beacon Pies
Orange Box Dimension Cookies
Pink Iceberg Multicolor Snowballs
Purple Night Club Multicolor Snowballs
Rainbow Cloud Forest Regular Snowballs
Red Cove Multicolor Snowballs
White Ski Hill Multicolor Snowballs
Yellow Lighthouse Multicolor Snowballs


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Puffle Party 2013 Tour Guide Description

Room Tour Guide
Town Even the Town has been Puffle-ized! Take your pet for some java at the Coffee Shop...try on puffle fan fashions in the Clothes Shop...or rock out together in the Night Club
Night Club This is the main floor of the Night Club. Purple Puffles love hitting the dance floor...they've got the best moves!
Arcade Welcome to the Lounge...where Brown Puffles like to hang out. Here you can grab some snacks...and play some arcade games.
Dock Welcome to the Dock. Blue Puffles are having great fun playing here! You can also ride behind a speedboat and play Hydro Hopper
Beach This is the Beach, home of the Lighthouse. It's a great place to relax with your puffles. Sometimes a pirate ship docks here. Captain Rockhopper has a red puffle named Yarr!
Box Dimension This place is called the Box Dimension...Naturally it is filled with boxes... It's also a great place for an Orange Puffle Party!
Lighthouse This is the Lighthouse...where yellow puffles are being creative! Have your portrait painted...see the amazing sculptures...or relax and watch a puffle performance
Beacon Here we have the Beacon. Green Puffles are having fun up here. They're the silliest of all the puffles! If you've always wanted to fly too...take your green puffle into Jet Pack Adventure
Ski Village Here we are in the Ski Village...head on up the hills to race sleds...take your puffle into the Play Zone...or wander into the Everyday Phoning Facility
Ski Hill Welcome to the Ski Hill! This is THE place to bring your white puffle. Try out the cloud maker...or sit back and enjoy the figure skating show!
Ski Lodge Welcome to the Puffle Play Zone! This is the ultimate play place for puffles. Let your puffle try the climbing wall...or treat them to a new hair style!
Puffle Play Zone Squeak squeak squeak! Squeak squeak squeak squeak...squeak squeak squeak! SQUEAK!
Snow Forts These are the Snow Forts! Start a snowball fight with your friends...bring your puffle with you to join in the fun!
Puffle Feeding Area This is the Puffle Feeding Area! Throw them some Puffle O's. They're a puffle's favorite treat to eat. Make a puffle happy today!
Plaza Welcome to Plaza! Take your puffle for dinner at the Pizza a show together at the Stage...visit friends at the Pet Shop...or head into the Puffle Hotel...for some rest and relaxation.
Underground Pool Here we have the Underground Pool. It's been turned into a skate park. Black Puffles are gnarly little dudes. Bring yours down to skate...or just to hang out with your friends.
Pet Shop We're having a Puffle Party in the Pet Shop! Here you can round up and adopt puffles. You can also buy puffle furniture for your igloo. Exercise your pet in Pufflescape...or send them to the skies in Puffle Launch!
Puffle Hotel Lobby Welcome to the Puffle Hotel! Treat your puffle to food, toys and hats...get pampered at the Puffle Spa...or head upstairs to relax by the pool.
Puffle Hotel Spa Here your puffle can enjoy a workout...on the treadmill or at a step class. Then indulge them with a Spa Treatment. Careful not to get soap in your eyes!
Puffle Hotel Roof This is the rooftop of the Puffle Hotel. Treat your pet to a delicious snack...go for a dip or relax by the poolside... Members can launch into the Cloud Forest!
Cloud Forest It's the majestic Rainbow Puffle!!!!! Best discovery EVER!!!!! Must. Tell. Everyone!
Cove This is the Cove! Red Puffles are having a jolly good time here! Go swimming in the water...Or test your surf skills and catch some waves! Don't forget to take your Red Puffle with you.
Iceberg This is the Iceberg! Right now it is a pink puffle's favorite spot. If you want to dive into the ocean depths...try out the Aqua Grabber. And take your Pink Puffle with you!

Puffle Party Chat

Puffle Party
Hearts for Puffles!
Let's groom our puffles
Let's exercise our puffles
Let's feed our puffles
Let's rest our puffles
To the Puffle Hotel!
To the Puffle Play Zone!
What's your puffle's name?
Gasp! A Rainbow Puffle!

Puffle Party 2013 Jokes

Question Answer
Why did the penguin put oil on the puffle? It was squeaking!
What do you call a puffle in space? Lost!
Why did the puffle cross the playground? To get to the other slide!
What do you call a puffle with a cold? A snuffle!
What pet makes the loudest noise? A trum-pet!
How do puffles like their dinner? O Berry well!
What's cute and fluffy and jumps a lot? A puffle with a hiccups!
What did the artist name his puffle? Drew!

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Festa dos Puffles 2013
French Fête des Puffles 2013
Spanish Fiesta de Puffles 2013
German Puffle Party 2013
Russian N/A