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Puffle Party 2014

Members only? No
When April 17 – May 1, 2014
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Puffle Handler
New Puffles! New Park!
— The tagline for the party

The Puffle Party 2014 was a party in Club Penguin that occurred from April 17 to May 1, 2014. Spike Hike and Polo Field confirmed it via Twitter[1][2] in January 2014 it was confirmed that the party would be held in April. It was the 6th annual Puffle Party in Club Penguin for the celebration of Club Penguin's beloved puffles.


Rockhopper returned to the Club Penguin Island on April 10, 2014 due to a low amount of stinky cheese. He heard barks and meows while on the Migrator. When he left, the stowaways on his ship (new Puffle Creatures) remained on the island, where penguins became able to adopt them as pets. And at the same time, construction was finished on an all new Puffle Park.

Free items

Image Item Type Location Release date Members only?
PH's Giveaway clothing icon ID 9193.png PH Giveaway Background By meeting PH April 17 No
1852.png Lavender Bunny Ears Head Item Beach April 17 No
SqueakyBall.png Squeaky Ball Hand Item Stadium No
Clothing Icons 24068.png Puffle Trainer Outfit Body Item Yes
Clothing Icons 1849.png Blue Border Collie Headband Head Item Town Center April 18 No
Blue Border Collie Hoodie.png Blue Border Collie Hoodie Body Item Yes
Clothing Icons 1848.png Orange Tabby Headband Head Item Plaza April 19 No
Orange Tabby Hoodie.png Orange Tabby Hoodie Body Item Yes
Clothing Icons 1851.png Vet's Head Mirror Head Item Beach April 20 No
Clothing Icons 24067.png Puffle Vet Coat Body Item Yes
Clothing Icons 5438.png Throwing Disc Hand Item Cove April 21 No
Clothing Icons 24065.png Fire Hydrant Costume Body Item Yes
Clothing Icons 5436.png Ball Of Yarn Hand Item Snow Forts April 22 No
Clothing Icons 24085.png Scratching Post Costume Body Item Yes
Clothing Icons 5440.png Wind-up Mouse Hand Item Dock April 23 No
Clothing Icons 24069.png O'berry Costume Body Item Yes


Bugs and glitches

  • If you do any puffle trick, followed by the dig on command trick and then followed by any trick, it would show two puffles, one doing dig on command, the other doing the trick you told it to.
  • At the Puffle Park, if you put your puffle in the "Sleep" playzone and then make it speak before it does a full bar animation, you cannot move unless you log off and re-log in or teleport.
  • If someone is a puffle, you can see their penguin player card if you click on them repeatedly.
  • If someone is a puffle, you can sometimes see the blue ring that is normally around your penguin/puffle.
  • If someone is a puffle and you click their player card, it would show all the puffle transformation player card changed repeatedly.


Sneak Peeks


Club Penguin Times

Issue 441

Issue 442

Issue 443

Issue 444






Tour Guide Messages

Room Message
Lighthouse This is the Puffle Vet. Bring your puffle here to get looked at by one of our trained Puffle Vets. Check out the scale and the X-ray to start the check-up!
Beach This is the Beach. The Puffle Vet is right here if your puffle needs a checkup. There are bunny ears in the box on the left. They're free for everyone!
Dock This is the Wildlife Park where you can explore habitats of all sorts of animals. Climb like a monkey! Roar like a dino! Or swim around icebergs!
Coffee Shop Smell that fresh baking? It's the puffle bakery! Get treats from the stone oven for you and your pet!
Clothes Shop You can get your puffle pampered at this glamorous studio! Dress them up and take their photo so you'll always remember the Puffle Party!
Tree Forts Welcome to the Tree Forts. It's a great place to play with your puffles or start an adventure! Head up the ladder to visit tree house igloos.
Stadium This is an agility course! You can run through with a puffle or as a puffle! Go as fast as you can! Ready... Set... GO!
Plaza (1) This is the Plaza! Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop! Check out the Puffle Park. Then grab a snack at the Pizza Parlour. Don't forget, the Puffle Gala starts on Apr 24.
Plaza (2) This is the Plaza! Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop! Check out the Puffle Park. Then grab a snack at the Pizza Parlour. And the Puffle Gala is on now!
Pet Shop In the Pet Shop you can adopt puffles. They have different colors and traits. Play Puffle Launch or Pufflescape...Or take them to the Puffle Park!
Puffle Park Welcome to the Puffle Park. It's made just for you and your Puffle. You can go on a slide on the zipline or wash up at the hydrant! The cat and dog puffles especially love this spot!
Forest This rugged room is the Wildlife Reserve! It's a natural habitat for bears. If you stay still and watch... you may see some fishing or getting honey!
Cove Splish splash! It's the waterpark! Try out the Purple Puffle Slide or go for a swim then relax at the floating surf shack!
Puffle Gala This is the biggest event of the year! Put on your best clothes and bring your puffles. It's time for them to strut and do their new tricks!

Safe Chat Messages

Puffle Party!
Come to my tree house iggy!
Here's my new puffle!
Can your puffle do tricks?
Is the Gala open?
To the Puffle Park!
chases dog
chases cat
Here kitty kitty!
Good doggy!


Question Answer
How does the cat get its own way? With friendly purr-suasion.
Why are cats good at video games? Because they have nine lives!
What do you call a sad border collie? Melan-collie!
What's a border collie's favorite dish? Shepherd's Pie!
How is cat food sold? Usually purr can!
Why did the cat drink his water fast? To set a new lap record!
When is a vet the busiest? When it's raining cats and dogs!
What's a dog crossed with a rose called? A collie-flower!
What do you call a small cat? An itty bitty kitty.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Festa dos Puffles Puffle Party
French Fête des Puffles Puffle Party
Spanish Fiesta de Puffles Puffle Party
German Puffle-Party Puffle Party
Russian Праздник Пафлов Puffle Party


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