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Puffle Party 2015
Puffle Party 2015 Logo.png

Members only? No
When March 26 – April 9, 2015
Free Item(s) See the Free items section
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) PH, Sasquatch

What's in the Wilds?
— The slogan for the party

The Puffle Party 2015 was a party in Club Penguin that began on March 26, 2015, and ended on April 9, 2015. It was first confirmed by Polo Field during a Field Friday. Players could explore The Wilds, and gather berries to entice wild puffles, where members could adopt them. After finding all four types of puffles, the player encounters the Sasquatch creature.


  • On March 5, on the What's New Blog, Megg posted a vague storyline of the party, replacing various words with underscores.
Before this year’s Puffle Party begins, players will discover ______ has rebuilt the Ski Lodge as a new ________! In the _____ there is a large fishcake that is being saved to eat during the Puffle Party. When the party starts, PH announces that someone, or something, has broken in and eaten the fishcake… but who... or what? Players must first __________ before they head out into wild. Once there, they will be able to access rooms with ___________, that ____________ and coax out new and different wild puffles. As they draw the puffles out, players realize that ________.

Free items

Image Item Type Received when finding Members only?
Green Raccoon Hat icon.png Green Raccoon Hat Head Item Green Raccoon Puffle No
Green Raccoon Hoodie icon.png Green Raccoon Hoodie Body Item Yes
Red Deer Hat icon.png Red Deer Hat Head Item Red Deer Puffle No
Red Deer Hoodie icon.png Red Deer Hoodie Body Item Yes
White Rabbit Hat icon.png White Rabbit Hat Head Item White Rabbit Puffle No
White Rabbit Hoodie icon.png White Rabbit Hoodie Body Item Yes
Yellow Unicorn Hat icon.png Yellow Unicorn Hat Head Item Yellow Unicorn Puffle No
Yellow Unicorn Hoodie icon.png Yellow Unicorn Hoodie Body Item Yes
Puffle Guide Hat icon.png Puffle Guide Hat Head Item Sasquatch No
Puffle Guide Uniform icon.png Puffle Guide Uniform Body Item Yes

Autographed backgrounds

Image Item Type Obtained by
PH Wild Puffle Player Card Giveaway icon.png PH wild puffle player card giveaway Background Meeting PH
Clothing Icons 9277.png Mystery Background Background Meeting Sasquatch


Bugs and glitches

  • Sometimes at the Cove, when on a water slide, penguins would turn Old Blue.
  • Not all the rooms' tour guide descriptions were updated for the party. The only rooms that got their tour guide descriptions updated were the Ski Village, Ski Lodge, Puffle Gala, and the Puffle Wild.


Sneak Peeks








Safe Chat Messages

Puffle Party!
The Expedition is on!
What happened at the Puffle Lodge?
Let's go to the Mystery Attic!
I'm a Puffle Guide!
Let's explore the Wilds!
What secrets did you find in the Attic?
Join the Puffle Guides at the Lodge!
Let's search for puffle creatures!
It's a puffle takeover in the Town!


Question Answer
What do you call a puffle with a cold? A snuffle!
Why did the puffle cross the park? To get to the other slide!
What's cute and fluffy and jumps a lot? A puffle with hiccups!
What do you call a puffle in space? Lost!
How do puffles like their dinner? O Berry well!
What pet makes the loudest noise? A trum-pet!
What do you call a sad border collie? Melan-collie!
When is a vet the busiest? When it's raining cats and dogs!
Why did the cat drink his water fast? To set a new lap record!
How do puffles eat spaghetti? With their mouths!

Tour Guide Messages

Room Tour Guide
Puffle Wild Wild puffle creatures roam here Keep your eyes out for them... we might even see a unicorn puffle! This table is their feeding area... so don't leave your snacks there
Ski Lodge Welcome to the new Puffle Lodge! Don't mind the giant hole in the wall... A huge puffle busted through... and then ran back into the Wilds Let's follow it!
Ski Village Here we have the Ski Village Race down the Ski Hill or check out the EPF... that's Everyday Phoning Facility of course Puffle creatures can be adopted in the Wilds... just through the Puffle Lodge!
The Wilds (first area) Welcome to the Wilds! Here we find a fish pond... what might lie deeper in the Wilds?
The Wilds (second area) In this part of the Wilds... we can see the puffle creatures' habitat.... and the foods they eat... like coffee?
The Wilds (third area) In this part of the Wilds... we can see the puffle creatures' habitat.... and the foods they eat... like pinecones?

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Festa dos Puffles A Incrível Expedição!
French Fête des Puffles Rejoins L'Expedition!
Spanish Fiesta de Puffles ¡Una nueva expediciòn!
German Puffle-Party Geht Auf Expedition!
Russian Праздник Пафлов Отправляйся в экспедицию