Puffle Party 2016 interface
Puffle Party 2016 interface icon
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Puffle Party 2016
Where? Everywhere

The Puffle Party 2016 interface was an interface available at the Puffle Party 2016. It gave players hints to find various puffles, as well as items after said puffles were located. It also allowed members to adopt any adoptable puffle, and transform into all puffles adoptable from the Pet Shop plus rainbow and gold.


Image Name Type Release date
Red O'berry Pin icon
Red O'berry Pin Pin March 16
Red Puffle Balloon icon
Red Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Triceratops Puffle Cap icon
Triceratops Puffle Cap Head Item
Red Puffle Slippers icon
Red Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Red O'berry Hoodie icon
Red O'berry Hoodie Body Item
Blue O'berry Pin icon
Blue O'berry Pin Pin March 17
Blue Puffle Balloon icon
Blue Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Deer Puffle Cap icon
Deer Puffle Cap Head Item
Blue Puffle Slippers icon
Blue Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Blue O'berry Hoodie icon
Blue O'berry Hoodie Body Item
Green O'berry Pin icon
Green O'berry Pin Pin March 18
Green Puffle Balloon icon
Green Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Raccoon Puffle Cap icon
Raccoon Puffle Cap Head Item
Green Puffle Slippers icon
Green Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Green O'berry Hoodie icon
Green O'berry Hoodie Body Item
Rainbow O'berry Pin icon
Rainbow O'berry Pin Pin March 19
Rainbow Puffle Balloon icon
Rainbow Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Rainbow Puffle Cap icon
Rainbow Puffle Cap Head Item
Rainbow Puffle Slippers icon
Rainbow Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Rainbow O'berry Hoodie icon
Rainbow O'berry Hoodie Body Item
Yellow O'berry Pin icon
Yellow O'berry Pin Pin March 20
Yellow Puffle Balloon icon
Yellow Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Unicorn Puffle Cap icon
Unicorn Puffle Cap Head Item
Yellow Puffle Slippers icon
Yellow Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Yellow O'berry Hoodie icon
Yellow O'berry Hoodie Body Item
Pink O'berry Pin icon
Pink O'berry Pin Pin March 21
Pink Puffle Balloon icon
Pink Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Stegosaurus Puffle Cap icon
Stegosaurus Puffle Cap Head Item
Pink Puffle Slippers icon
Pink Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Pink O'berry Hoodie icon
Pink O'berry Hoodie Body Item
Brown O'berry Pin icon
Brown O'berry Pin Pin March 22
Brown Puffle Balloon icon
Brown Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Brown Puffle Cap icon
Brown Puffle Cap Head Item
Brown Puffle Slippers icon
Brown Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Brown O'berry Hoodie icon
Brown O'berry Hoodie Body Item
Orange O'berry Pin icon
Orange O'berry Pin Pin March 23
Orange Puffle Balloon icon
Orange Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Orange Alien Cap icon
Orange Alien Cap Head Item
Orange Puffle Slippers icon
Orange Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Orange O'berry Hoodie icon
Orange O'berry Hoodie Body Item
Purple O'berry Pin icon
Purple O'berry Pin Pin March 24
Purple Puffle Balloon icon
Purple Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Ghost Puffle Cap icon
Ghost Puffle Cap Head Item
Ghost Puffle Slippers icon
Ghost Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Purple O'berry Hoodie icon
Purple O'berry Hoodie Body Item
Black O'berry Pin icon
Black O'berry Pin Pin March 25
Black Puffle Balloon icon
Black Puffle Balloon Hand Item
T-Rex Puffle Cap icon
T-Rex Puffle Cap Head Item
Black Puffle Slippers icon
Black Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Black O'berry Hoodie icon
Black O'berry Hoodie Body Item
Gold O'berry Pin icon
Gold O'berry Pin Pin March 26
Gold Puffle Balloon icon
Gold Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Gold Puffle Cap icon
Gold Puffle Cap Head Item
Gold Puffle Slippers icon
Gold Puffle Slippers Feet Item
Gold O'berry Hoodie icon
Gold O'berry Hoodie Body Item
White O'berry Pin icon
White O'berry Pin Pin March 27
White Puffle Balloon icon
White Puffle Balloon Hand Item
Rabbit Puffle Cap icon
Rabbit Puffle Cap Head Item
White Puffle Slippers icon
White Puffle Slippers Feet Item
White O'berry Hoodie icon
White O'berry Hoodie Body Item


  • Except for pins, all items were member-only.




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