Puffle Tasks
Puffle Tasks Icon

Date released March 21, 2013
Available? Yes
Update frequency Every 6 hours (after you complete each task) Every 20 minutes (Members Only)
Items sold Clothing
Where found Puffle Hotel

Puffle Tasks is a quest penguins can take at the Puffle Hotel, starting at the Puffle Party 2013. The instructions are given at the Puffle Hotel Lobby on a notice board in front of the fountain.

There are four tasks you must complete in order to complete the quest. Once a player completes a task, he/she earns 150 coins, and members can earn an extra item. Once a member completes those, he/she must launch out of the Rainbow Cannon to enter the Cloud Forest. Non-members complete tasks to earn coins and unlock a bag of Gourmet O'Berries.

On March 27, 2013, it was announced by Polo Field that the time length between each puffle task would be shortened from 18 hours to 6 hours, making it go three times faster. A day later, it was announced that the new time length would be released on March 29, 2013.


After completing all tasks, all players earn the Gourmet O'Berries, and members can use the Rainbow Cannon to obtain a Rainbow Puffle at the Cloud Forest.

Task Image Description Reward
1 Puffle Task 1 Exercise your Puffle on the treadmill Puffle Trainers, 150 coins
2 Puffle Task 2 Groom your Puffle at the salon chairs Puffle Groomer Outfit, 150 coins
3 Puffle Task 3 Feed your Puffle at the feeding area Puffle Hotel Cap, 150 coins
4 Puffle Task 4 Give your Puffle a nap at the lounging chairs Spa Towel, 150 coins, Gourmet O'Berries or a 500 coin bonus if the item is already earned, and the ability to adopt one Rainbow Puffle


  • It is the first and only quest to give coins once you complete a task.
  • It is also the first quest to give a puffle as a prize. The second was the Quest for the Gold Puffle.
  • It is also known as the Rainbow Quest on the Map, and is referenced as the Puffle Care Quest in some cases.
  • The first week after puffle tasks were released, you had to wait 18 hours between every task. However, on March 27, 2013 Polo Field confirmed that they would be shortening the length of each puffle task from 18 hours to 6 hours to make it go three times faster than before. However, Members get the advantage of waiting only 20 minutes in between each task.
  • Once all tasks have been completed, members can use the Rainbow Cannon on the Puffle Hotel Roof to blast off into the Cloud Forest and adopt a Rainbow Puffle.
  • If the four tasks are done again, more Rainbow Puffles can be adopted, and you will receive a 500 coin bonus.
  • There are two Puffle Tasks that can be done outside the Puffle Hotel: eating and bathing.
    • You can feed a puffle by using the Puffle Snack Station.
    • You can groom a puffle by walking it any body of water.


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