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Puffle Training Room
EPF Puffle Training Room

Where Dojo, Club Penguin Island
Opened November 25, 2008
Closed Still open
Mini-games None
Room ID N/A
Tour Description

The Puffle Training Room is a hidden room under the Dojo, only accessible in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. The Elite Puffles train here, usually with the Puffle Handler.

Roles in missions[]

The training room is first accessed at the start of the second mission, Left to Your Own Devices, where Dot meets the player in the Dojo, giving them a "Special Pin", shaped like a puffle, telling them to figure out what to do with it. If one of the wall panel in the Dojo is interacted with while the pin is help, a screen showing the "Seven Puffle Panel Carving" is shown. The player has to fit the pin into the southeast carving, which opens the panel, revealing stairs to the training room.

Once inside, the player meets The Director of the EPF through a video call from a screen on the wall, who tells the player to train with puffles in order to become an official Elite Penguin Force Agent. The player then meets the Puffle Handler, who helps the player train Blast.

In mission 5, All's Weld that Ends Weld, the player returns to train Flare, and in mission 7, Double Trouble, again to train Loop. In mission 8, Flying High Pitched, the training room is visited for the last time as part of the story in order to complete one final test, involving all seven Elite Puffles.


  • Only three of the seven Elite Puffles are trained with here. Bouncer is trained with throughout the first mission, before the training room is introduced. Pop was intended to be trained here, but an incident in the Boiler Room interrupts the player before they can leave the Night Club. Flit and Chirp are trained on the Tallest Mountain instead of the training room.
  • It is never mentioned who built the training room. Although Sensei built the Dojo, he does not appear in the game, and this room is never referenced outside of this game.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese N/A
French Salle d'Entraînement des Puffles
Spanish Sala de entrenamiento puffles
German Puffle-Trainingsraum
Russian N/A

Geographic location[]