Puffle Wild
Type iOS
Released TBA
Latest version  ?
Supported Devices Certain iOS Devices

Puffle Wild is an upcoming app. It will be a game, similar to Bejeweled and Candy Crush, that allows players to unlock new Puffle Creatures to bring into Club Penguin.

Associated Puffles

Photo Color/Name Statistics
Puffle green1008 paper Green Raccoon Puffle
Puffle orange1009 paper Orange Raccoon Puffle
Puffle pink1010 paper Pink Raccoon Puffle
Puffle blue1011 paper Blue Raccoon Puffle
Puffle green1012 paper Green Rabbit Puffle
Puffle pink1013 paper Pink Rabbit Puffle
Puffle white1014 paper White Rabbit Puffle
Puffle red1015 paper Red Rabbit Puffle
Puffle blue1016 paper Blue Deer Puffle
Puffle black1017 paper Black Deer Puffle
Puffle red1018 paper Red Deer Puffle
Puffle purple1019 paper Purple Deer Puffle
Puffle yellow1020 paper Yellow Unicorn Puffle
  • Second Yellow Puffle Creature
  • Only species in Puffle Wild to not have four color variants
  • Only species to be based on a previously seen transformation



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