Puffle Catalog

Date released April 14, 2006
Available? No
Update frequency Random
Items sold Pet Furniture, Puffle Food, Puffle Hats, and Toys (for puffles)
Where found Pet Shop, Igloo
Were you looking for the Adopt A Puffle Catalog?

Puffle Catalog (formerly Pet Furniture: Love Your Pet and Love Your Pet) was a catalog in the Pet Shop and your igloo which sold various puffle-related items. A new catalog came out approximately every year. In every issue of the catalog, there were puffle beds, feeding dishes, food and furniture that puffles could interact with. Most items in the catalog could only be purchased by members, but the puffle food items could be purchased by non-members as well.

Release History


  • The Puffle Catalog was the last catalog in Club Penguin that used the original BUY button to purchase an item. This was until it was updated in December 2013.
    • This button used to appear in every catalog, however, most of the catalogs in Club Penguin have been given new designs and no longer used the button.
  • It was added to the Puffle Hotel Lobby on March 21, 2013. Small shops were opened in the room as well, and when you clicked on them, the catalog opened up. The catalog was removed from the room in November 2013 when it got updated.




Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseCatálogo dos Puffles
FrenchCatalogue des Puffles
SpanishCatálogo para Puffles
GermanPuffle Katalog
Russianпафлы Каталог


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