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Pumpkin Game
Pumpkin Game.png

The Pumpkin Game
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Igloos, certain rooms
Date released October 18, 2013

The Pumpkin Game was a small game that was played in igloos or rooms during the Halloween Party 2013. It was played for earning candies, that allowed buying items from the Candy Catalog, and Spectral Sweets, that were used for transforming into werewolves, vampires and zombies. It was based on the real life Halloween tradition Trick or Treating.


To play it, players had to walk up to a Jack-o'-Lantern, which were located in rooms, and members' igloos.
The jack-o-lantern would then open a small pop up window with the pumpkin game. It included a pumpkin with its top off, where the view was from the top. The pumpkin contained 8 candies, and the player would need to pick three of them by the order the player chose. After picking, a slime bar would drop from the pumpkin, revealing 3 awards for the game round, which each one of them could be one of the Spectral Sweets or an amount of candies.


In addition to members' igloos, the jack-o-lanterns that allowed to access the game were found in the following rooms: