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Purple Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Purple.png

Available No
Attitude Happy, fabulous, particular, diva
Member only Yes (But Non-Members can unlock them through Treasure Book)
Favorite toys Bubble wand with bubble mixture and disco ball
Play action Blows a bubble it hops into, or makes a bubble inside a bubble
Dance Bounces, flips and acts like a tornado
Tongue color Pink
Speed 4th Fastest Puffle
Special features Loves to dance, has a sleep mask
Elite Puffle Items Bubble Wand, Star Glasses
Favorite Games Dance Contest
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Purple puffles were a color of puffle, characterized by their love for dancing, particularly in Dance Contest, but also being rather picky and diva-like. They first appeared in a hidden photograph in issue 41 of The Penguin Times, and first appeared physically, in Puffle Roundup, two weeks later, around August 12, 2006.[1] They later became adoptable on August 25, 2006.[2]


Purple puffles were the first new puffle to be discovered on Club Penguin after the four original puffles (blue, pink, black, and green). An image of one hiding appeared in issue 41 of The Penguin Times published on July 27, 2006. In the first question in the "Ask Aunt Arctic" section, clicking the letters of the word "purple", the first time each letter appeared on the page in sequence, caused the letters to turn purple, and a photograph with a purple puffle appeared. The words which needed to be clicked were "up", "puffle", "run", "happen", "should", and "LostpenguinID".

Sometime around August 12, 2006, purple puffles started to appear in Puffle Roundup. In issue 44 of The Penguin Times, sightings of the purple puffle were first reported. In PSA Mission 1: Case Of The Missing Puffles, Aunt Arctic is shown with a purple puffle, and he was one of the titular missing puffles. Since August 25, 2006, member penguins were to adopt purple puffles.


Attitude: These puffles are the spoiled divas of the puffle world. They are fabulous and flamboyant and love attention, but are particular and picky. They are wannabe celebrities and fashionistas. You could consider them the popular puffles, despite being a bit too flashy and loud.

Favorite toys: Bubble wand with bubble mixture and disco ball.

Elite Puffle Items: Bubble Wand, Star Glasses.

Special facts: Has a sleep mask.

Favorite game: Dance Contest

Play: Makes some bubble shapes.

Play: A disco ball appears and the puffle dances.

Bath: Jumps in the bath then jumps out. Shakes itself and gets a different hair style every time.

Favorite Food: Hummus & Pita

Gum: Blows a bubble. Then blows a second bubble inside of it. It floats up in the air like a bubble.

Dance: Bounces, flips and acts like a tornado.

Postcard: Is flying away in a bubble.

Brush: Gives a temporary hair style.

Puffle Handbook Description

The flash of a disco ball transforms this stylish Puffle into a powerful dance force.

Famous Purple Puffles

There are four famous Purple Puffles. They are:

  1. Lolz - Cadence's puffle.
  2. Pop - One of the elite puffles.
  3. Scone - One of Aunt Arctic's puffles.
  4. Vanishing Puffle - A puffle that performed at The Great Puffle Circus.


  • In Card-Jitsu Fire, Sensei says "Your purple puffle is loyal to follow you. Most food gets burned here" which shows that purple puffles don't like burnt food. They are quite picky, in fact.
  • The purple puffle was the 5th puffle to be discovered on Club Penguin.
  • Cadence owns a Purple Puffle named Lolz. She brought her puffle during the Puffle Party 2011.
  • The purple Elite Puffle is named Pop in the video games.
  • They seem to be the best puffles at dancing.
  • Purple Puffles are like rock-stars; if they ask for something, they get it.
  • The purple puffle plush was the 2nd to wear their puffle launch helmet.
  • Purple puffles appear to look quite sassy with their eyes and the way they smile.
  • Some penguins make their purple puffle's name Lolz or Pop.
  • Before an update, purple puffles used to have their eyes stuck together, and not looking like regular puffles.
  • Aunt Arctic has a purple puffle named Scone.
  • When you go to the Water Dojo with the Purple Puffle, Sensei says, "Your Purple Puffle has mastered the ancient art... of giant bubbles."
  • Before Puffles were updated in 2011, if you fed a Purple Puffle a cookie, it would refuse to eat it until whipped cream and a cherry magically appeared on top. It would also refuse to eat its Puffle-Os until a salt shaker sprinkled salt on top.


Famous Purple Puffles

Purple Puffle in-game

Purple Puffle caring card

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Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Roxo
French Le Puffle Violet
Spanish Puffle violeta
German Lila Puffle
Russian Значок "Сиреневый пафл"