Quest for the Gold Puffle

Date released November 14, 2013
Available? No
Update frequency Never
Items sold Golden Nuggets and Gold Puffle
Where found Pet Shop, digging around the island, Underground
Not to be confused with a stage play of a similar name.

The Quest for the Gold Puffle was an in-game quest that became available on November 14, 2013. It was similar to the Puffle Care Quest, but for the Gold Puffle. It ended at the Gold Mine, where the player could adopt a Gold Puffle.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
Clothing Icons 9238 PH's Golden Puffle Giveaway Meeting PH during first week of quest No
Gold Puffle in game walk Gold Puffle Gold Mine Yes


Members could start the quest by bringing a puffle to the Pet Shop and buying Golden O' Berries from the Gold O'berry Machine. Each Golden O' Berry cost 10 coins, but players only needed one unless they logged off or stopped walking their puffle. After feeding their puffle a Golden O' Berry, players had to walk their puffle around the island to dig for Golden Nuggets. Once players found at least 15 Golden Nuggets, they could take them to the Gold Mine and put them in the golden jackhammer to activate it. A Gold Puffle would then erupt from the ground, and players would be given the option to adopt it.


  • It was the second and most recent puffle quest.
  • It was revealed on the membership page in late October 2013.
  • It was released during the events leading up to Operation: Puffle.
  • During the quest, players' puffles had to dig up 15 Golden Nuggets in order to adopt a Golden Puffle.




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The Quest for the Golden Puffle

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