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CPGD Racingwheel.png

Full Name Racingwheel
Species Penguin
Position Possible Team Blue leader in Club Penguin: Game Day!
Appeared Club Penguin: Game Day!
Color Red
Clothes Items Blue Ball Cap, Blue Hockey Jersey
Related To Unknown
Friends With Other Team Blue members
Meetable Character? Yes

Racingwheel is the leader of Team Blue. He is very calm and always a good sportsman. He can still find a way to beat the team you're playing for during the event. He appears in Club Penguin: Game Day!


  • Is there anything you need to ask "name"?
  • Have you seen the green puffle inside the Night Club? Maybe he left for Game Day. His moves prove green's the coolest
  • We did it! We WON Game Day! I've never felt so proud to wear this jersey before!
  • Well, you've earned it "name". We are still going to practice, though...
  • Wow, Team Yellow really plays outside the box. We are still going to practice though...
  • Team Yellow! Down to the last zone, so all the teams will be trying EXTRA-hard to stop you.


  • In the Coins For Change 2009 Results video, you can see a penguin named Racingwheel. This could mean that Racingwheel is a Club Penguin Staff member.