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Raoul 3000
Raoul 3000
Invented by Gary
Damaged by Herbert P. Bear (HQ)
Located Coffee Shop, HQ

The Raoul 3000 was a type of coffee and hot chocolate-maker, most notably located at the Coffee Shop and HQ. It was invented by Gary. The one at the HQ was most likely destroyed by Herbert P. Bear during the Popcorn Explosion.

During PSA Mission 5: Secret of the Fur, the player must repair the Raoul 3000 in the Coffee Shop and use it to make hot chocolate, for the Furensic Analyzer 3000.



  • The Raoul 3000 was named after a nickname for a "far-too-expensive" coffee maker, "Raoul", that was present in the Club Penguin offices at the time.[1] This name was used for Gary's invention because the team found it amusing.[2]
  • According to issue 136 of the Club Penguin Times, the Raoul 3000 plays music while it brews coffee, and this was rumored to be one of Gary's first projects.
  • In the PSA missions, from Mysterious Tremors onward, interacting with the Raoul 3000 in the HQ causes the player to state that it is not being used at the moment, and guesses that Gary may have switched from drinking coffee to tea.



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