Raoul 3000
Raoul 3000
Invented by Gary
Damaged by Herbert P. Bear
Located HQ

The Raoul 3000 was a coffee maker, formerly found at the HQ. It was invented by Gary, and could be seen in most of the PSA missions. It was likely destroyed by Herbert during the Popcorn Explosion.


Card Jitsu card

One variant of the item is seen in Card Jitsu as the icon to a Card-Jitsu card.[1]

Area 501

There was another version of Raoul 3000, at Area 501's main room. It had all the details as the original machine, yet had simpler graphics per its small dimensions. The only difference was that the cup on the machine had two teaspoons instead of just one.[2]


  • Since Mission 8, it had been turned off in all of the following missions. When clicked, a message stating that Gary may have switched it to tea appears.
  • There was a similar furniture item, the Coffee Maker.

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