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Scientific name N/A
Similar creatures Dinosaurus, Crocodile
Appeared Prehistoric Party 2014, Prehistoric Party 2016
Predators Tyrannosaurus (rarely, and usually only when they were alone), Dinosaurus
Prey Caveguins, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Triceratops
Not to be confused with the Utahraptor.

The Raptor is a species of theropod Dinosaur that all players were able to transform into during the Prehistoric Party 2014 and Prehistoric Party 2016.

Factual/Scientific Information

  • The raptor was one of the deadliest and the cleverest dinosaurs that ever lived.
  • Raptors hunted in packs and could bring down dinosaurs over twice their own size.
  • 'Raptor' isn't a species of dinosaur, it is a nickname for a group of dinosaurs. They, unlike many believe, were all feathered, like many, many carnivorous dinosaurs.


  • There are four Raptor eggs: Green, Pink, Red and Black.
  • Raptors hunted in packs and could bring down dinosaurs over twice their own size, such as Iguanodon.
  • Judging by its size compared to penguins, its likely a large species of raptor, such as Utahraptor.
  • It's the second transformation to walk on walls, the first was the Pteranodon.
  • It could have probably look much more like that of Deinonychus because this kind of raptor had enlarged raptorial claws on the feet.


  • Green: Speedy predator with a sense of fair play.
  • Pink: Cunning hunter-great at Mancala.
  • Red: Occasionally needs a time-out.
  • Black: Master of stealth.



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