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Recycle Hunt

Members only? No
When April 21–27, 2010
Free Item(s) Recycle Pin
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) None
Earth Day 2010 Hut Icon

The scavenger hunt's icon.

The Recycle Hunt was a scavenger hunt that took place during Earth Day 2010. The hunt included 8 different items that were hidden around the island, and finding all of them rewarded the player with the Recycle Pin, and allowed the player to access the Recycling Plant during the party.

A small recycling box on the upper-right corner of the screen opened a progress window that provided clues about the items' locations.


# Item Location Clue
1 Teacup On top of the tree by the back sofa in the Coffee Shop Start your hunt, and look closely where, you'll find some beans and cozy chairs.
2 Puffle-O's box Lying right by the door to play Puffle Roundup in the Pet Shop There's a mess spilled out on the floor, where you hear a Black Puffle snore.
3 Cream Soda barrel The bottom-left corner of the Cove From this place, great waves can be seen, what you seek is near something green.
4 Hot Sauce On top of the roof of the ninja hideout in the Dojo Courtyard Use your map, and you'll travel too far, garbage is found where ninja's spar.
5 Coffee Bean bag Top of the book shelf in the Book Room This trash is hidden, do not fail, to search nearby some penguin tales.
6 Newspaper The upper side of the Forest Find green space, and look all around, for this thıng that fell on the ground.
7 Pizza Box On top of the inner tubes at the Ski Village Where there is a ski lift you will find, some trash that someone left behind.
8 Barrel Mine Shack, by the enterace to the Mine One last thing, that must be found, by tracks that take you underground.


  • All of the items from the hunt were also items that could be used as snowballs in the Recycling Plant before it was closed.


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