Recycling Plant
Recycling Plant

Where Near Mine Shack
Opened April 21, 2010
Closed July 11, 2013
Mini-games None
Room ID 122
Tour Description
This is the Recycling Plant! Throw your recycling into the recycletron 3000... and turn rubbish things into useful things!

The Recycling Plant was a processing plant in Club Penguin, located by the Mine Shack, that was used to recycle various unusable junk into new objects. First opened during the Earth Day 2010 party, the main feature of the plant was the Recycletron 3000, a device built by Gary the Gadget Guy. Also located in the plant were various machines to assist in the process, which could be interacted with. Throwing snowballs resulted in trash being thrown, and if thrown into the Recycletron, it would be remade through the machine. When the room first opened, players needed the Recycle Pin to enter the room. After the Earth Day 2010 party, all players could enter.

The room was closed down in July 2013, and was replaced by the School.


Image Pin
Black Puffle Pin 1
Black Puffle Pin
Clothing Icons 7127
Gariwald Family Crest Pin
Clothing Icons 7151
Paper Lantern Pin
Total 3


  • During the April Fools' Party 2011, the Recycling Plant was replaced by the "spinning arrow room", like the Mine Shack was during the April Fools' Party 2010. The spinning arrow room is a parody of loading screens in Club Penguin. The room was entirely blue, with a spinning arrow and a loading bar with text in the center. If walked on, the arrow would bring players back to the Mine Shack. The fake loading bar would always reset after finishing, and the text would change every few seconds.
  • During the Medieval Party 2011, the Recycling Plant was turned into a foundry. The room was made entirely of wood, stone, and iron. Everything in the room was replaced a by a "medieval style" version: the computer was replaced with an anvil, the Recycletron was replaced by a large forge with pistons, and the desk with a computer is replaced with a small table with a quill and papers, and so on. A black puffle was also sleeping on some crates.
  • During the Medieval Party 2012, the room was decorated mostly the same as the previous year, with some minor changes. Additionally, the black puffle was no longer present.





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