Red Nose Day
Disney Red Nose Day Logo

Members only? No
When February 28 – March 21, 2013
Free Item(s) Red Nose
Location Coffee Shop
Mascot(s) None

Red Nose Day was an event in Club Penguin that started on February 28, 2013, and ended on March 21, 2013. The only room that was decorated was the Coffee Shop, with a Comedy Corner stage to tell jokes. It was held for the Red Nose Day in the United Kingdom.

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
Clothing Icons 2112
Red Nose Coffee Shop No


  • If players took a screenshot of their penguin telling a joke and uploaded it here, Disney would donate £1 to Comic Relief, donating up to £100,000.
  • Daffodaily5 had daily visits during the last week of this party.





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