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Reindeer Puffle

Available No
Attitude Playful, jolly, silly
Member only Yes (Transform)
Favorite toys N/A
Play action N/A
Dance Red Nose
Tongue color Sky Blue
Speed Fast
Special features Flight, Red Nose when Dancing
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID Unknown

Reindeer Puffles are a type of Puffle Creature that you could transform into at the Holiday Party 2012. You could only be a Reindeer Puffle for 10 minutes before the effect of the magic cookies wore off, causing you to transform back into a normal penguin.


  • Members were able to transform into them during the Holiday Party 2012.
  • They are the third species of Puffles to be able to engage in controlled flight, the first being the Green Puffles, and the second being the Puffle Bats.
  • They are the third creature Puffles, with the first being the Cat Puffle, and second being the Bat Puffle.
  • You had to eat a Reindeer Puffle cookie in order to become a Reindeer Puffle.
  • Many penguins thought you could adopt a Reindeer Puffle, but this was proven false.
  • They appear to be based upon the Brown Puffle.
  • They appear to be slightly bigger than other Puffles.
  • They appear to have a lighter shade of brown compared to the Brown Puffle.
  • There is a Reindeer Puffle Room in the Forest during the Holiday Party 2012
  • When penguins first saw the Reindeer Puffle in the Holiday Party sneak peek, it was thought to be just a Brown Puffle with an unreleased Puffle Hat.