Renovation is the event of a room permanently getting a new design. So far, 29 rooms have been renovated. Most of these rooms were updated due to The Journey.

List of Renovated Rooms

Rooms marked with a * mean that these rooms have received minor updates since being renovated.
Rooms in bold means that these rooms have received a name change after being renovated.

Renovated Rooms in Club Penguin
100px 100px HQ* (now closed) March 29, 2006
100px 100px Sport Shop (now closed) August 31, 2007
100px 100px Ice Rink May 27, 2010
100px PetShopMarch2011 Pet Shop* March 8, 2011
100px 100px Dance Lounge March 22, 2011
100px 100px Book Room June 14, 2012
100px 100px Coffee Shop August 30, 2012
100px 100px Gift Shop November 1, 2012
100px 100px Pizza Parlor*
Night Club1 New Night Club Night Club*
Town fullsize 100px Town Center December 6, 2012
Plaza before 2012 Plaza 0 The Plaza*
100px NEW SKI VILLAGE! Ski Village*
100px 100px Dock
100px Beach December 6 2012 Beach
100px New Snow Forts Snow Forts
100px 100px Dojo Courtyard May 23, 2013
100px 100px Dojo
100px 100px Mine Shack* July 11, 2013
100px 100px Everyday Phoning Facility August 8, 2013
100px 100px Cove September 5, 2013
100px 100px Cave Mine November 14, 2013
100px 100px Mine
100px 100px Forest January 23, 2014
100px 100px Ski Hill
EPF Command Room 100px EPF Command Room March 6, 2014
100px 100px Stadium July 3, 2014
100px 100px Lodge Attic March 18, 2015
100px 100px Ski Lodge


  • The Stadium is the only room in Club Penguin to be renovated twice.
  • Out of all the renovations, the Sport Shop received the least amount of change after being renovated.
  • The Iceberg and Beacon remain the only outdoor rooms not to be renovated so far.
    • However, the Beacon did have a small graphic update in August 2011.
  • 2012 holds the record for the most renovations, with 11.
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