Renovation is the event of a room permanently getting a new design. So far, 35 rooms have been renovated. Most of these rooms were updated as part of The Journey.

Some renovations redesign the room entirely (a major renovation), while others only include small changes (e.g. adding/removing features, minor building tweaks).

List of Renovations

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  • The highest amount of rooms to be updated in one year is eleven rooms, in 2012.
  • The Beacon, Boiler Room, Iceberg, Lighthouse, and Underground Pool received minor updates throughout the game's history, but stayed relatively the same in appearance until the game's closure in 2017. The Boiler Room is the only one of these rooms opened pre-2008 to have never received any update or change in appearance at all.
  • The Pet Shop has had the most changes of all rooms.
  • The Stadium is the only room to receive two major renovations; first in 2010, and again in 2014.
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