Rhythm Lock
Rhythm lock intructionsz

The instructions page to Rhythm Lock
Players 1
Controls Space bar
Minigame location EPF Command Room,
EPF Spy Phone (previously)
Date released  ? (Field-Ops)
May 9, 2013 (Spy Drills)

Rhythm Lock is one of the games in Spy Drills. It was also playable in some Field-Ops. Before Field-Ops were destroyed, this was one of the mini-games that players could beat to earn a medal.


The game features a lock in the form of 3 layers of rings. Each ring is divided into quarters, with each quarter containing 7 slots. Each ring has an associated rhythm, represented as a filled pattern of note blocks in the slots of 2 of the opposite quarters. The player must repeat the rhythm in the empty quarters of each ring based on the rhythm of the respective ring.

The game starts with the outermost ring, with a target marker positioned on its top. The ring rotates counter-clockwise, and whenever a note block from the 2 default quarters moves below it, it would glow and emit a ticking noise. When the marker reaches an empty quarter, filling the empty slots is done by pressing Space whenever the marker is positioned above a block that matches the pattern.

When the outer ring is completed, the player moves to the middle ring, and then to the inner ring. After a ring is completed, the rotation speed increases, as well as the size of the blocks.

If at any point the player marks an incorrect slot, the blocks that the player marked correctly will be removed from the current ring.

The game is won once the inner ring is completed.



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