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River Cave
Operation Puffle River Cave.png

Where The Wilderness
Opened November 21, 2013
Closed December 5, 2013
Mini-games Puffle Chase
Room ID 858
Tour Description
This is the River Cave. Look at the unique formations. This is a great spot for diving. Keep an eye out for puffles, lots of them show up here.

The River Cave was a room opened for Operation: Puffle. The room is located inside Puffle Mountain.


  • Whenever you go onto the river, a boat will appear as if you are riding it.
  • Unlike the water at the Cove and Hidden Lake, the dark water isn't "cut up", so you're always underwater fully unless you're close to the sides.
  • Walking to the lights will turn them on.
  • This is where you rescue the Yellow Puffle and Purple Puffle.
  • You could see this cave in the background of the Fog Forest.


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