Road Racer
Cookie Shop Road Racer with Flames
Similar creatures N/A
Appeared Holiday Party 2012
Predators N/A
Prey N/A

Road Racers (or Toy Cars) were RC Toy Cars that all players were able to transform into during the Holiday Party 2012. You had to donate to Coins for Change from the Cookie Shop in order to become a Toy Car.


  • In the commercial on television for the Holiday Party 2012, it was referred to as the "Road Racer", proving its name.
  • The Road Racer color would be the same as that of your penguin.
  • The effects of the cookie only lasted 10 Minutes.
    • However, you could buy another cookie to stay transformed.
  • In-game, when you move as a Road Racer, the way it moves was similar to the way Skateboard Penguins moved in the contactmusic edition of Experimental Penguins.
  • When orange, peach and pink, the flames would appear red instead. That is because the colors would blend.
  • It appeared on the Holiday Cookies Pin.


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