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Is it seen right now? No
Type Battle Machine, Robot
Party Future Party
The Fair 2015
Where? Made at Robo Shop
All around future Club Penguin Island

Robos were walking Robots or machines, based on mechas which were controlled by a pilot in science fiction stories. They were made by Gary 3000 for the Extra-Planetary-Federation to go into orbit and combat threats in outer space and other dimensions.[1]

Penguins from the present were able to use them at the Future Party,[2] in order to stop an upgraded Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 from sinking the island with meteors. Penguins from the present used them to also destroy the Microbots that were sent by Protobot.


  • There were four different known types in draft: a Hot Sauce themed robo (Big Red), a robo with Fish for hands (Fish Sticks), a robo with a Puffle shaped top and a wheel (O' Blaster), and a robo with a capsule filled with Snowballs (which did not make it to the game).
  • Members are able to customize and paint their own.
  • Each of the three Robos are able to change their legs or wheels and fly.
  • They are quick to react and will mirror the move your penguin is doing, whether it be a wave or ninja stance.
  • They are one of the only inventions of Gary the Gadget Guy (though technically Gary 3000) not to end with the numbers 1000, 3000, or 10,000.
  • Jet Pack Guy's favorite robot is the Big Red as mentioned in the Club Penguin Times.
  • They are incredibly strong and powerful, able to withstand the impact of meteors hurtling towards Earth.
  • When dancing, the robos will do different moves.
  • Instead of Robos, Non-Members could use the Space Cadet Jetpack to blast off.
  • Only the white variation of Fish Sticks appears as a transformation during The Fair 2015, but has its dancing and waving animations switch places.
  • According to Gary 3000's Mascot Scripts, each Robo had special features:
    • Fishstix could go underwater.
    • Big Reds were powered by hot sauce.
    • O'blasters could be piloted by both puffles and penguins.





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