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Is it seen right now? Yes (Club Penguin Magazine issue 31)
Type Robot
Party None
Where? Club Penguin underground

The Robo-Gators or Robotic Alligators, were robotic minions under the control of Ultimate Protobot 10,000. During the events of issue #31 of the Club Penguin Magazine, they attempted to capture PH and the Elite Puffles, subjecting the later to Brain-Boxes.

Events underground

During Lucky's Elite Puffle training, the elite puffles and PH fell down a hole and down a slide to where the Robo-Gators were waiting. Lucky managed to cross easily, himself being 'lucky', while the other puffles and PH had to take a more cautious approach (floating in a bubble) to avoid the Robo-Gators' snapping jaws.

They all managed to cross safely.